Rail Projects Victoria Graduate Program

I was attracted to working at the Metro
Tunnel Project because it’s delivering one of the biggest projects that’s going
to shape the future of Melbourne at the moment. I commuted through the rail loop
so many times and I’ve always wanted to be part of the rail infrastructure and
fix the current congestion. I really wanted to be part of a graduate
program just because everything’s been organised in terms of a learning series
and then having the opportunity to develop skills and have time to do that. The Grad Program is structured in a series of rotations so you get to move around the business and move around your discipline and figure out
what you really want to do. We are given real work and
responsibilities from day one. It’s really structured which I like,
a lot of learning opportunities. outside of your individual specialization. I’m learning absolutely everything
from scratch which is just great. It’s a massive learning experience. I’ve been given my own tasks and your
own project and your own responsibilities I think there’s not many situations or
many work environments where you’re working with engineers,
lawyers, accountants, you know… program managers, roles that I didn’t even
know existed before coming into this. It’s given me experience working
in corporate but also working in the government. Coming from
a private background it’s quite different but there’s lots of support and learning
available and also the staff are very helpful and they don’t mind answering
questions from us grads. When you’ve got the project like this you’ve got
the best in the business so having access and exposure to experts it’s really
exciting, and also going out on site and learning from them and their experience
has been a great opportunities. So I really enjoyed having a mentor within the
project and also be able to expand yourself professionally and personally
and have a more in-depth knowledge of what’s actually happening on the project,
especially coming from the support function such as finance, it’s really
great to see the project progress from early stages and seeing it come together. There’s a lot of graduate training that is involved
and it involves all the grads as well so you actually gets a bond with them and
you get to see what they’re doing as well and different disciplines which
is actually really nice. So there’s 24 of us this year and since
day one we’ve all been really good friends, so it’s nice to have familiar faces
around the office and go out to lunch and we hang out after work. I feel like I’ve really fit into the team We all come from diverse backgrounds but we all
really fit in. We have a common goal as well. Being around really like-minded people who are
always willing and happy to help. The advice I would give to graduates applying
for this program is to just go for it It’s a really great program, it really doesn’t
matter what field you come in there are just so many opportunities for everyone
of different fields to contribute. There are a lot of cogs in the wheel
I guess and even the project scope is actually massive and
definitely should not be underrated. And just working on a project this size, it’s
going to go for a few years, there’s lots to learn and it’s a great opportunity. So I think I’ll be pretty cool to sit on the train going through the tunnel in seven years time and be able to think ‘Hey, I worked on this’. Authorised by Victorian Government
1 Treasury Place Melbourne

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