Read&Write for Windows – Audio Maker

Do you listen to music on your phone, iPod or MP3 player? As well as listening to music, you could be listening to your
revision notes, a chapter of a book, a report, information from a website or an article from a magazine. Just select the text and click on the Audio Maker. You can add or remove further text if you need to. You can Preview what it’s going to sound like by clicking here. Let’s choose where we want to save the MP3. There’s already an area suggested,
but you can choose where ever you want. This will make it easy to find after it’s been made. Click here. If you are going to use Audio Maker a lot,
it is better to Make a New Folder. This will make it easier to find and organise. With the new folder selected, click OK. Next, give the file a name. All you have to do now is click Create MP3. If you click on Show, you will automatically be
taken to the folder where the file has been saved. Double click to have it open. Now you have an MP3 which will
read the text you had selected. You will be able to put this on to any media player
and listen to it whenever and wherever you want. So you can listen to revision notes
on the way to school or college, or a report on the commute to or from work.

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