Row Maker

So for 2015 this is one of our new products.
It’s a Row Pro Row Maker. And it’s great for plants that you’re going to transplant out
so you can mark your rows off. It works great for onions, it works great for garlic, anything
like that. You can set your row distance from 22″ all the way out to 37″. Now we like to
plant our onions a little bit closer than 22″, but what we’re going to do — and I’ll
show you in a minute — is we’re going to lay off two rows about a foot apart, and then
we’re going to skip 22″ to give us a walkway down through there, and then we’ll plant two
more rows about a foot apart. So it’s very versatile the way you can work this thing.
But instead of laying out string and all that kind of stuff, you can just drag this down
through there and it lays your rows out and makes life really easy.

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