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Hi everyone, I’m Julie. Thanks for joining
us for another Sew Handy video series brought to you from the staff at Sew
Much More in Austin, Texas. Today I’m going to be teaching you the difference
between updating your machine and upgrading your machine, so let’s get
started! So let’s talk about the difference
between updates and upgrades. Updates are free firmware to keep your machine up to
date. It might enhance some features or fix an
issue. Upgrades you pay for because they’re adding features to your
machines. So for an example I have a Solaris upgrade. It comes with an extra
hoop you didn’t have before, couple extra feet, it adds some fills and embroidery
designs, couchy designs so upgrades are always a really good thing to add to
your machine so that you have the most that you could have. Inside the box there’s
instructions but instead of reading all these, all you need to do is pull out the
little card that comes with it. There’s a website on the front, you just go there.
You scratch off the back.You’re going to add this number and your internal number
inside the settings of your sewing machine which I will show you
later. So let me show you how to update your machine before you upgrade it
because that’s very important. Ok so, I like to just make sure it’s clear you do
want to update your machine before you do any upgrades that’s really important.
So make sure you’re at the latest version So I’m going to show you, online here, how
to get the latest version of the firmware for Baby Lock and Bernina but
most brands will be similar. So let’s first do Baby Lock. So online here I’m
going to just go to and then you’ll just search your machine. So
let’s do Solaris. So once you’re on the page with your machine you’re just
gonna scroll down till it says manuals, updates and brochures. Ok so here you’ll see
the software updates, the latest version should be on top. It should be the only
version available 2.04 is for Solaris. So I don’t want to go download the video
update, I just want to go where it says the update version and
download from there. All right so once we’ve downloaded the update, we do need
to clean it up and put it on a stick before we take it to the sewing machine.
So we’re gonna go to our downloads, if it’s not in the bottom left hand corner
then you’re gonna go to your downloads up on the top right hand corner and we need
to open this zip file. So it has a little zipper on it. So we’re going to go to
that update, whenever you see the word extract, you should unzip the file. That’s
what it means, same as if you bought an embroidery design. You
would need to extract them before you use them so that’s what we’re going to
do. We’re gonna unzip this file, now we could just extract it right to this
place where it put it in downloads but since we need it on a stick we’re also
going to insert the stick and extract it straight to the USB stick. A 2 or 4
gigabyte stick is preferred. I have a 4 gigabyte here. So it automatically put it
in Drive D. I can see that so I’m going to close out Drive D and I’m going to
extract all. That’s under the extract tab If you don’t see that it might be under
your tab might be in the wrong place here so just come to where it’s says
extract. Extract all and you don’t want to extract it back to downloads so I’m
going to hit browse. I’m going to choose Drive D from the side. It says it here so
I’m going to select folder and now I know I’m extracting it to Drive D. So let’s
extract it. This might take a minute. All right so now that it’s extracted and we’re on
Drive D which is my USB stick, we can’t keep it in a folder and put it in the
sewing machine so we do need to clean it up some. So I’m going to open the folder,
every update does come with instructions we don’t need those. So what you want to
look for is the word taco here for Baby Lock and it’s making me hungry but look
for the .UPF and that’s all we want. So we’re
going to take the taco and drag it back over to Drive D so it’s not in the folder
and then when I open Drive D here we see our taco and our folder. So we’re going
to click the folder, and you can either hit delete on your keypad or you can
right click and scroll down to delete and yes you do want to delete it. So now we
have just what we need our firmware on an empty stick. It has to be completely empty except for the firmware. and we’re ready to go to the machine. Okay so before we go to the sewing machines let’s check
out Bernina website. So will take you here to their home
page. The quickest way to find your machine is by doing a web search up here and
then we’ll go over here. And I pulled the 740 so let’s look up 740, the very top
one here I’m gonna click that link. So no matter what machine you’re on if you’re
on the page that describes your machine you’re just gonna scroll down until you
see the word support here and this is where all your free firmware will be. It always,
again has instructions but we just want to download the firmware so we come down,
not the instructions but just the firmware and download that. You see the
latest version here is published on 1/15 2020. Ok so once Bernina’s firmware is done
downloading we’ll just click it here since they do is in the lower left hand
corner. I’m just going to open it from here, again it will be zipped so we do
need to extract it. Again if you already have the USB stick in, you can extract it
straight to the stick. So again it does need to be a clean stick so we’re going
to extract all. We’ll do the same we’re gonna browse and I already know that
stick is the D Drive so select Drive D
and extract it straight to Drive D. This one is going pretty fast and we are ready to take
that to the sewing machine and I will show you how to update. So now that we have
the cleaned up version of the update on a stick, we’re going to go to the settings. I’ll show you first on the Baby Lock you can
go to settings at any time it’s the little – it looks like a piece of paper
with the ear folded down up on the top so I’ll go to the third icon over and we
want to go to – it’s going to be a different page for every Baby Lock
of course but it’s usually on the page that shows you how many stitches you
have total. So let’s find that it’d be towards the end. So here’s my stitch
count here’s what version I’m at 1.22 – so this machine is pretty far behind. I
would like to point out if you do an update this is where your internal
number is to add online to the number that’s on the card and this is where
you’ll also go to input any upgrades so to update the machine we’re gonna put the
USB stick that only has the update on it into the machine on the top slot that
only has a USB symbol next to it and while I turn on the machine I’m gonna hold in
the needle threader button and wait for my screen to come up. So this is the USB
stick so select the USB stick and then it says load so I’ll simply just click
load and it will start the update and it might take a while so go pour yourself a glass of wine because you did a great job and come back. After it’s complete it will say
complete you do need to turn off your machine to get it to reboot. All right so
let’s go through how to update a Bernina so we would have the update alone on the
stick, you would put it in the top USB slot and your machine might be a little bit different so check
with your dealer but pretty much we want to go to the settings, which looks
like gears and then we want to go to the sewing machine symbol and we’re gonna
look for the wrench. Your machine might not have the sewing machine, you might go straight to gears to the wrench but just look for
the wrench and then it says update. So very simple on this one and since the
update would it already be in. You simply just click update. Thanks for
joining us. I hope you enjoyed learning the difference between upgrades and
updates and feel comfortable installing them yourself. Please subscribe to us on
YouTube, like us on Facebook and check out
for our in-store classes and events – we always have a lot going on and it’s all
Sew Handy. Thank you, bye

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