Okay, today in Social 101, we are gonna be
discussing increasing your social influence with Rebecca Morris. Hi, Rebecca. Hi. And Mihyun Ji. Hi. And they are gonna be talking to us about
how they use social media to increase their friends, their base, and finding more people
to talk to about Nu Skin. So first question I have for you guys is,
with social media do you recommend being private or public in the different channels? I prefer being public. And I know some people have that tendency
that they want to keep some things private, more their family and maybe sometimes with
their kids. But for me public is being able to show anyone
and everyone that can come across you at random, it allows people to follow you for instance
on Facebook versus being a friend. And I have actually had that since I changed
my privacy pretty recently to being a public account now. So my tendency is towards public. And there’s different settings that you can
hide specific posts to just specific groups of friends anyway. That’s first. Mihyun, what do you think? How do you have yours in social media? It’s in public. I agree with Rebecca, 100 percent. Yeah. It seems like if you’re growing your base
and if you’re trying to find new friends that if you’re not public, hashtag searching and
just coming upon friends, it’s just not gonna work if you’re private. But I do think it’s important for people
who are worried, like you mentioned, Rebecca, to (glitch) school with one of your kids and
it shows the school’s name, or something that maybe you feel a little uncomfortable,
just hide that particular one from being public. Because you can just say friends only, right,
as you’re posting something. Okay, so now let’s talk about how fast you
should increase your friends in social media and grow your base, if you feel like it’s
better for you to add just a couple of friends at a time, or if you kind of go out and add
hundreds at a time. Mihyun, how do you add your friends when you’re
increasing? For me, I like to know that person, instead
of just adding everybody in my group. I have some funny experience, so I try to
be a little bit careful, for accepting everybody. But I would like to—I’m not trying to go
slow and slow; I try to get to know that person and then increase your relationship, even
though it’s on the social media. Maybe that’s just my personal character
I guess. I think that’s great. Rebecca, how do you do it? Different or–. I’d say I’m a little bit of both. In some instances I do add quite a bit in
a short amount of time, and some of that is just expanding outreach in a way, and just
kind of like casting that net out there and seeing what will come back later. Some of them I do actually reach out to and
start personally connecting with. Not all of them. And it’s a case-by-case situation. Maybe they’re located in an area where I have
team growing or I know people are going to, so maybe that’s a reason I actually reach
out to that person. Maybe it’s their background that’s relatable
for whatever reason. Or I see a post of theirs that they recently
did that I like and so I make a comment about that or something. So you kind of have to take it case by case. And I don’t think either way is wrong. It’s whatever someone is preferencing. So do you guys feel like having more friends
is always a good thing in all the different channels, or are there certain channels where
you limit the number of people that you have? For me, I like having a bigger base. Maybe it’s just cause I’m the personality
that I look at how many friends somebody has now, I kind of take notice of that now. I didn’t for a long time, but I think seeing
a big base and that they’re widely-connected seems pretty cool. So my mindset is I want a bigger base for
people to be able to see that I have that big base there, so I’m someone that’s well-connected
right from the get-go. So that’s my preference and that’s how
I prefer my Facebook and Instagram, is have a lot of that. Awesome. Mihyun? Yeah. I used to be a very private person, but since
I’ve been doing Nu Skin, very open. So I would like to have more people, yeah. Awesome. I think that’s great. And do you guys ever clean out your friend
list? Let’s say someone tells you straight up, “You
know what, you do Nu Skin, I’m not interested in that,” but they stay on your friend list. Would you ever clean them out? No. Because they’re watching. Even when I’m using my Korean app, and most
of my friend, they don’t make any comment. But then other than Nu Skin, when I put my
lifestyle and they start making comment. And then I notice that they’re watching, they’re
watching me. So then I found then, okay, then, I would
like to have them still. Yeah, absolutely. I agree completely. That’s how I’ve used my social media, the
majority, is actually when someone tells me no and I’m not Facebook friends with them,
I will go add them as a Facebook friend, so then they will then be watching now. So it’s almost like a follow-up process
from afar. Oh, I really like that. So I always make it a point that once I’ve
finished talking to somebody, whether it’s a yes or a no, they are added to my social
media connections. Mmm-hmm. I love that, so they can kind of see what
it really means instead of just their first impression of it. Right. And watch. I love that. And in order for that to work that means that
you have to be regularly posting on social media for people to see, right. I mean it’s important for you to openly
show who you are in social media and how it’s part of your life, for that to work. Are there different ways that you add friends
in different channels that you’re on? I know, Mihyun, that you do Kakao and Facebook,
and Rebecca you do Facebook and Instagram. Are there different ways that you guys add
friends in these different channels successfully? For me they’re about the same way. So how do you do it? Do you look for suggested friends, do you
go into groups? What are the ways that you traditionally find
new people to add into your base? I find friends in friends’ friends, instead
of—for me, I don’t know … in Korean I can speak a little bit more fluently. But I try to reach friends in friends’ friends,
instead of looking for strangers. Yeah, so like the ‘you might also know’
or ‘friends in common’ things? Uh huh, right. Awesome. Rebecca, other ways that you might or that
you do? Yeah, on Facebook I look at the suggested
friends and I see who the mutual connections are, and so I’ll go there. I do a lot of, like Mihyun does, the friends
of friends. But also on friends’ posts I will look at
who has commented on their posts and kind of look into those folks and who they may
be, and maybe I’ll just add them real fast. And Instagram, I learn by places that they
live and their hashtags. So that’s usually how I come across new
people. And then any time I do a post on Instagram
and I get a like or something like that, or a comment from somebody on my post, I go look
at who that person is right away, and 9 times out of 10 I’m following that person right
then, and so then they’ll follow back and so it creates that connection right away. Awesome. Other thoughts you guys have on adding, whether
it’s to the increasing your social influence, or just little tip and trick that you want
to leave people with on social media? I have one, and this is kind of funny. It happened last night. This was actually on LinkedIn. I had sent a request to someone. She looked young, she just kinda had that
look, so I sent her a message—or actually I didn’t send a message, I sent a connection
request. And I got a message back from her, and it
was like if I scrolled on the face of my phone I had to scroll it 5 times, this message was
so long. She’s with another direct marketing company,
and that was what the whole message was about, was about her company in that one message. So that was a great example of what not to
send. So the biggest tip is, when you reach out
and you connect with somebody, go from a space of wanting to build a relationship, like Mihyun
was talking about, and so it’s not wanting to specifically talk about the product or
about Nu Skin right from the start. It’s get to know them – what do they do,
where do they live, what do they like to do, do they have kids, are they married, kinda
like get to know them and ask those basic questions. And in those questions, in the answers you
will probably find an opening to then bring in the business or a product at that point. I love that. So I have one last question, and that’s
do you add distributors crossline, downline, upline into your friends group, and how do
you think that that builds the dynamic of your social media groups? Recently some people requested me to be a
friend, and then I—of course they are doing Nu Skin so I accepted. But for me, I’m not looking for—I don’t
know how to say, you know what I’m talking about, Rebecca, right? Yeah, you don’t go out and look for Nu Skin
distributors to add necessarily. Right. Right. But when they send me a request, I accept
that. Right. I’m that way too. Because I think it’s a form of edification
that when I do post something usually the other Nu Skin distributors will be counted
on to like or to comment, and create a buzz and kind of get it started. Even though they’re not my target they can
still help, and I’ll help them in a way. That’s not really a spoken thing, that’s
kind of a nonverbal thing we kind of all know we’re doing. But it is to a certain discretion, and to
know to be respectful on other people’s posts. Because I know for me I don’t prefer referencing
the name of the company or a product, and so if I were to get a comment on one of my
pictures that included any of that I would probably remove it. So it’s having that discretion. But I think it’s a form that it can be teamwork
between all of us of helping create the buzz and keep our posts at the top of the feeds
because there’s so much buzz around it. So maybe kind of a good lesson learned is
it’s good to be supportive, but when you’re supportive you can just be like, “Oh, I
love this” or be really generic almost when you’re posting on someone’s, since you don’t
know how other distributors do or don’t. But it is important that there’s likes and
comments, because the more likes and comments, the more that other people are intrigued by
it as well. But I like the advice of you don’t need to
throw out your own personal story necessarily or talk about the products or the company. You can easily be supportive and collaborate
as distributors without distracting, or changing the message that maybe the original poster
was trying to send. Right. So I do think teamwork is really important,
and I do like that it’ll kinda give it a little buzz right at the beginning, if you like and
comment on someone’s post. And like when, one other thing on that is
when someone’s had a success in the business, whether that’s a promotion to a new title
or they had a successful event or they came from a success trip or had a great training
call or whatever it may be, that if someone—because they’re friends and we’re all Nu Skin distributors—if
someone posted about that on their wall on Facebook for example and referenced it, then
that’s another form of edification that they’re going about and saying “What a great
job” and those friends of their will notice that and go “Oh, what were you doing?”
or “That’s exciting for you, I’m glad you’re having such success,” because it’s
someone else pointing it out. Yeah, I love that. Do you have recommendations on how you set
up your profile to attract new people, or as you’re adding friends? We all know that people research about us
and social stalk us a little bit before talking to us. So are there different ways that you present
yourself in your profile information to help attract other people to you? I know I start at the profile picture, cause
that is what someone’s first bam, that’s what they’re first seeing about you, so make
sure that’s a—doesn’t have to be a very formal picture, but it’s professional enough
that it’s you smiling or whatever, it’s not a picture of your dog, maybe not so much
your kids. Cause they don’t know who you are at that
moment, so you’re wanting to present you. So have some kind of a picture in that forum,
you’re not looking for something that’s too scandalous there. But then your cover picture is the next big
thing. So I tend to like quotes or a picture from
the beach or the mountains or something. That’s almost like my lifestyle thing right
there for people to see, boom, boom, with my profile picture. And then if your profile’s public, then
they can start to scroll down and see what your most recent posts were, and so you want
to make sure that your posts are uplifting, they’re gonna be attractive to somebody new
to take a look and say, ‘yeah, I want to add this person because they’re gonna add
something unique and nice to my feed and I want to follow them.’ What about your job? Do you put ‘I’m a Nu Skin independent distributor?’ Do you put ‘I work for Nu Skin’—which
is not allowed, by the way, don’t put ‘I work for Nu Skin.’ Do you put ‘entrepreneur, network marketer,
self-employed’? Like how do you guys—or, I don’t know, what
do you put there? Nothing? For me, I put self-employed, and that I work
for myself basically. Which actually sometimes is good cause other
self-employed people can find you that way. And so it’s kinda generic, but that leaves
it open for interpretation and curiosity in that standpoint. And I think as someone who in the younger
age group, when you say you’re self-employed you get eyebrows raised at you right away
to like ‘oh, what are they doing, if they’re in their 20s or 30s and they’re self-employed?’ So that’s what I do. There’s never a reference to the company or
product on my profile. Someone will never see that on there. Okay. Mihyun? Actually I put ‘I’m working with Nu Skin
Enterprises.’ So maybe I should change. It needs to say I think ‘independent distributor’
if the company name is mentioned. But I think ‘entrepreneur’ and even ‘network
marketer.’ I’ve seen a lot of distributors that have
‘network marketer’ because they don’t say ‘Nu Skin network marketer’ but they
just say, ‘hey, I’m doing network marketing.’ And sometimes I know that that has had a bad
taste in some people’s mouths and so people choose not to. And I think that it’s, for other people
it’s not a bad thing. It’s attractive to, again like you said,
be self-employed and to show people what you’re doing. I’ll be honest, I was one of those people
that shied away from acknowledging on social media that I was a part of network marketing
or whatever you want to call it, direct sales. People have different names for it. I’m sure I’m not the only one on that. I shied away from it for a long time, but
I kind of started to embrace it a little bit more, because it is who I am. And so hopefully that can help some people. It’s not a bad thing. Cause you’re right, Kathy, there are many
people that when they see that they’re like, ‘oh, which one is she with, because I can’t
see it anywhere on her profile.’ So all of a sudden it’s like, ‘oh, something
different. Maybe there is a way to do it differently
without blowing up people’s feed with products.’ Yeah. And I think again it’s whatever’s natural
for you, and how you present yourself in real life, right. And who your audience is also affects that. So knowing who you are and who your audience
is, is the two big things. Yeah. And I think that who the people that you’re
talking to and the audience you’re talking to, there’s different ways that are attractive,
and a turnoff to different people. So I think that that’s important. Okay, I totally appreciate you guys taking
the time to do this with us and to give us your advice on this. Thank you. Thanks so much, you guys. We love you being part of our social influencers
and being a part of this team that’s gonna help train everyone on how to be social media
savvy, so thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Have a great day, you guys. You too. Bye, everybody. Bye. Bye.


  1. Why do you encourage your distributors to steal facebook friends from their fb friends's profiles? It is not only rude to add people to your group without asking, but it is infringing on that persons' privacy!

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