Social Media Allowing Revolutions – Cenk on MSNBC

you’ve been seeing pictures of revolution
i hear t_v_ screens for some days now as an amazing phenomenon on folding right before
our eyes is starting to any show this reputation then yemen now the king of jordan has fired his cabinet groups is syria are organizing online for
a protest this friday and china’s blocking the word each ship from
the internet for fear of the revolution against tyranny will spread to their shores this is the revolution were promised when people talk about open government and
free flow of information leading to democracy this is what they were talking about the internet revolution was a turner phrase
i referred to a new agent information but now that phrase has become a literal wire these democratic protest sprang lied
while fire throughout the world because people are getting information about
them through face book twitter blogs and websites before depressive state could shut down television
stations or radio outlets in their country and it would be any information blackout now they can stop information from flowing
in even if they shut down twitter global comes up with a new application wiegand calling
your twins from your cell phone this is pamphlet pamphlet tearing on steroids no matter where
they all start airing governments put up roadblocks information pores and anyway and that information
is power this is the democratic movement we were promised less embrace it

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  1. The only thing stopping the US from having a similar revolution, besides passiveness, is a divided nation. If people cannot revolt under a similar cause, then there can be no revolution. If anything, it would be more like a civil war.

  2. @VenomKing666
    Hitler was voted in, as part of a coalition government with the moderate right wing. Are you worried that Nick Clegg is going to put the fees protesters in death camps?
    The October Revolution was really more of a coup by the Red Army against the Russian parliament, who had been brought in by the April revolution.
    I know everyone's worried about the Muslim Brotherhood, but I hear that the average Egyptian is against them, chanting "Muslim, Christian, we are all Egyptian"

  3. @CDubSD It was illegal according to International Law which We(America) also support.

    WMD that you speak of were of no harm to America, and in fact were given and funded to Iraq by the US.

    Further more those WMD weren't in Afghanistan, only Iraq….

  4. While I hope Egypt does get something good from this revolution I very well doubt it.
    Revolutions have actually led to throwing out one dictator and adding another who could be worse.
    America is one of the few rare exceptions.
    Also Egypt's population majority still support things like beheadings, chopping off hands and death for apostasy.
    I hope the revolution doesn't just give more opportunity for someone worse or just as worse to take control.

  5. @dangerouslytalented
    you think their stupid to tell you their plans.
    read their bible talmud to see what they think of non jews.

  6. @bernytheman
    here's a fact for you.
    read their bible talmud to see what they think of non jews.
    visit a website realzionistnewsDOTcom a former jewish priest exposes jews and israel.
    google benjamin freedman and jack bernstein, former jews exposing jews and israel.

  7. @madjimms
    here's some fact for you.
    read their bible talmud to see what they think of non jews or search here talmud exposed.
    visit a website realzionistnewsDOTcom a former jewish priest exposes jews and israel.
    google benjamin freedman and jack bernstein, former jews exposing jews and israel.
    the list goes on the evidence are enormous. i was once naive like you thinking everybody is good like me and world crimes are happening by individuals like hitler etc,when in fact there's a giant network

  8. when people will learn that everything big that takes place in this world a war a revolution a tsunami is staged by our puppet masters.
    and try to WAKE THE HELL UP!!!
    this human revolution was prophesized in the new video game that was about to come out in december Deus Ex Human Revolution, just google it.
    they delayed the release date so they don't make it too obvious that everything is FUCKING STAGED.

  9. @penguinsoulja96 They have an official website with a forum where only propoganda is allowed. The site looks like it was made with geocities in 1998 too. Funny stuff. korea (dash) dpr (dot) com

  10. @theagrafiotis The christian old testament is based on the Jewish scriptures. IF all jewish people think that way, all christians do too….

    And you do, don't you?

  11. @MiloDaemon …. but the interpretation is completely different. For example, look at how muslim women dress. Some dress in a full on burqua, some just dress moderately, not showing too much arm or cleavage, and consider THAT islamic.

  12. @ihaterobbie123 The North Korean military are highly paranoid, probably drugged to the eyeballs on amphetamines or something… They wont give up without a fight.

  13. @penguinsoulja96 If North Korea did a google search they'd see "North Korea is Best Korea" and they be like "OH OK WE #1 COOL!"

  14. @genie0390

    Just because Cenk said it doesn't make it true. I'm the brainwashed one yet you say something is true because Cenk said it. The fact is, only the Egyptian people know exactly what motivated them, and I highly fucking doubt it was George Bush.

  15. This is incredible, I hope it all coalesces and materializes into actual, significant changes in all of these places…

  16. @Ou8y2k2 Hmmm, some good points there. One of the keys is to have core technology affordable. The internet is proving a massive force in social awareness, communication, movements etc. The internet isnt top down but I guess your point is about the infrastructure and access.

  17. I love how MSNBC squeezes in some stealth advertising about their own site as if it was on the same level as the other social network powerhouses. Awesome. EPIC FAIL. If Cenk didn't get a lot of exposure for his TYT and his own political stance through MSNBC he would just tell them to F OFF.

  18. @dangerouslytalented
    hear it from a jewish christian priest what the jewish rabbis teach about non jews.
    also google "non jews exist to serve jews" to see who said that. they're coming out of the closet now their NWO is almost done.

  19. @theagrafiotis Every religion regards nonbelievers and outsiders to be less than themselves. Muslims have taquiyya. $cientologists have fair game. And some of the things some christians like Anne Coulter say about nonchristians… The point is, the extremists of ALL religions do this.

  20. @dangerouslytalented
    i agree but the crimes jews have committed to humanity noone comes even close.
    plus islam and christianity were founded by jews. paul was a jew mohamed was a jew.
    maybe that explains why all these 3 religions are so sick.

  21. @CDubSD tyt is a pundit indulging in opinion & commentary, not just news as in reporting. He compliments fox "news" which does all the same things. If there is still objective reporting going on on tv or anywhere, I don't know where–read James Rainey of the LATimes on this topic. Local news is chock full of product placement, reports paid for, info packaged for them by companies that have something to sell, promos for their network's programming, etc,

  22. @Kirbynessness Zeitgeist3 is awesome. If you've seen all the other stuff there is nothing really new, however this one has the most critical ideas presented very powerfully. This one is good enough and complete enough so that a 10 year old could grasp the whole concept. Only the most brainwashed or ignorant person won't 'get it'.

    Watch it and tell all your friends. The world belongs to ALL of us. The revolution is NOW.

  23. A revolution like that will never happen in America for 1 major reason:

    In those countries, the dictator was in plain sight. In America, the dictators have no identity. They are faceless corporations that own all the wealth and power. The politicians are the pawns and slaves. Eject 1 and 10 will replace them, each more willing to do their bidding even more.

  24. Het it's the turd!!!!!! I am not a betting man, BUT I bet you and your librat friends love the turmoil going on in the world… Well YOUR man jimmy obama will end up in the "ash heap of history" to quote a Man I have great respect for. Not sure if you have heard of him, but His name is Ronald Reagan, and we have not forgotten his message.

  25. dangerouslytalented OMG… I checked out your home channel… Your neighbors looked "worried" to say the least while you (lost for words at the moment) acted out your puppet show. I understand the likes of you can never comprehend the triumphs of Ronald Reagan, but next time you go out in your backyard to do something totally bizarre, understand you can do so because we as a country are free. A huge part of this goes out to Ronald Reagan. TBC

  26. @TheUsman2000 Reagan started the deregulation that allowed the financial services sector to run amok. He also raised taxes on all but the very wealthy, and massively increased the military budget, while ALSO reducing revenue by cutting taxes for the rich. Tell me, what are his achievements?

  27. Reagan's achievements:
    1) He won the cold war and kept our country safe.
    Do I need to detail # 2-1000?
    You are an ungrateful (almost called you an American) sh&t. Why don't you go in your backyard and worry your neighbor's some more.

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