Super Crema!! Flair Espresso Maker Tanpa Listrik!!

Hey whats up everybody
welcome back to Otten Vlog channel and this time i brought a perfect products for you espresso lovers
This is your hero FLAIR…. feel curious what this little black bag contain Let us start unboxing what inside this flair bag let us unboxing,
opening this Flair this is it i will describe the item one by one this is the silicon pad for you guys that want to know
what this bag contain you can check this Flair manual book it is explained clearly
all the Flair parts also step by step
How to use Flair Here, manual book here you can see Funnel and tamper
which you can use later and for the next part this is the one used for making the espresso the brewing unit here, you can see the piston just push the piston this piston and cylinder where you can pour water in here next we take the anchor ( actually main post & handle) and there is the base to support the handle and this is the drip tray
which i will put later on Sooooo let’s begin let us start assemble this manual espresso maker first we prepare the base and next the main post or what i refer as the anchor looks like anchor to me 🙂 just insert it okayyy and the drip tray just put it below here ok,
we already prepare everything there are base & main post/handle it’s time for making the coffee this time i use “Crema Espresso” and i’m gonna use 15 grams coffee Using this “Crema Espresso” lets us tare the coffee beans Ok,
we got 15 grams coffee it’s time to grind it
using my all time favorite grinder Scala Solis 166 let’s go just put the coffee bean this time i am making espresso so i am gonna need a “fine”grind
ground coffee i will adjust it for fine grind level ok, adjust it to the finest level
(the smallest dot indicator) *grinding in process done
and i’m ready to go time to put the ground coffee
into this portafilter first of all
what you need to do insert the funnel into this portafilter just like this piece of cake ok, next put the ground coffee into this portafilter after it has been put into portafilter its time to tamp the coffee using tamper from flair so, just insert the tamper into the funnel and slowly press and twist it Taaa daaa just see the result Nice and beautiful next time to make espresso just lift the handle up insert the portafilter here and next put the metal filter into the portafilter and its time to put in the cylinder for you who doesn’t know which side to insert just remember the pop up rubber side fit in into the portafilter i have already heat up the water the ideal temperature for espresso
is between 95-98 celcius the water i’m gonna use is 95 degree celcius pour the hot water into the cylinder you can check the (quite blurry) line for the water level that’s the max water indicator this cylinder has max capacity approx 65 ml water just stop pouring after you reach the max water indicator then insert the piston into the cylinder and its time to press the handle don’t forget to place the glass below after everything in place hot water check, ground coffee check time to press down the handle seems like i need to stand up
for better angle 3,2,1
GO just pres it slowly the extraction time should be 25-40 seconds press it slowly just like a old time in the past when you pump for clean water finish making the espresso OMG
great crema here the crema oooohhh
NICE Thick golden crema Time to taste it From pumping using Flair mmmmm….it will keep you awake by drinking this one shot espresso the coffee is very bold with along after taste a little hint of caramel
with a bold body really really good I am speechless with the result espresso this is the end result using Flair very simple using Flair just like in the past like our ancestor pumping up for clean water from well easy for those of you that like travelling you can bring flair anywhere because it come with the compact bag which you can arrange all Flair parts inside and the total weight only 2 kg so you don’t need to wory while travelling with no coffee shop in need of coffee consumption do not worry
with this you can make great coffee anywhere just bring your favorite fresh coffee and manual espresso maker
Flair! it is also very easy
to clean Flair just take this off be careful it can be hot if you feel like its too hot just use this silicon pad take it off like this then push to let it all out the portafilter be careful
it could be still hot it’s already cool down
in my hand twist it slowly then throw the used coffee ground take out the filter last, push out the piston rinse till clean using warm water every parts, piston, filter
and portafilter thats is for cleaning okay, we already make espresso using this Flair for you who want to buy this Flair you can get it exclusively find it on our website you can also find the website
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  1. Hmm bagus sih reviewnya, tapi presenternya kalau bisa dirubah sedikit karena terlalu heboh jadi susah paham buat viewer awam. Kalo bisa langsung to the point sih. tanpa basa basi.

  2. Gak kok, Presenter nya gokil,seru… Gua Like buat mba Presenter
    Oh ya ig nya udah gue follow #lannakhan #jejakpengelana

  3. I love coffee indonesia…
    budaya indonesia…
    budaya ngumpul bareng temen sodara…

    ngopi dulu biar semangat..

  4. Omong-omong soal ngebersihin alat kopi, di channel Otten apa sudah ada cara ngebersihin manual grinder ya?
    Soalnya saya bingung mau ngebersihin manual grinder saya. Karena burr-nya memakai batu jadi apakah aman kalo kena air?

  5. Permisiii.. Dua ring karet warna oranye itu udah ada spare partnya? Satu yang bergesekan dgn porta filter dan satu lagi yang nempel di piston. Sekalian deh, karet putih yang di filternya ada ga?

  6. Balam talakar cjilar murjar Alak allí alkabhar Alu alkabar nini paramikuahama
    Yu hag grencimania jdjeidhdueieirie expresO huuuuuuu Bailar como a lo la madurar puta madre ya me harte a la verga

  7. Apa boleh alat itu pake usaha..? Kan ribet cara mengganti kopinya pelanggan uda pada cape nungguin giliran…?

  8. otten cofee, bila shu airpanas yg akan digunakan menyeduh dgn flair espreso sdh turun sampai 70 an derajat apakah msh bisa digunakan atau dipanaskan kembali sampai suhu yg tlh ditentukan

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