Super Waluigi World – Super Mario Maker Level Showcase – The Nintendo Power Couple

Super Mario Maker! Hey everybody! I’m Danny from the Nintendo
Power Couple and if you’re a huge fan of Waluigi I have just the level for you as he turns
things around and backwards in Super Waluigi World. This level is my tribute to the classic Super
Mario Bros but with a twist. Super Waluigi World puts you in the wacky shoes of Waluigi
as you must play through the entire level completely backwards to reach the flagpole!
If you’re ready for a Super Mario Bros course through the eyes Waluigi, give this level
a try! Now there are two ways you can find this level.
You can either use the code conveniently right down there or go to the description below
and follow the URL to the Mario Maker portal website and from there you can bookmark this
level and play it anytime you want! Now remember, if you enjoyed this level, please leave a
star and a comment. We would greatly appreciate it. And don’t forget to leave your Mario Maker
level ID’s in the comment section below. Felia and I would love to play through your levels
and you never know, you might appear on a future episode of The Nintendo Power Couple!
That’d be really cool so don’t forget to do that! While you’re at it, please subscribe
to the Nintendo Power Couple Youtube channel where we will be updating it with more episodes
and more videos based on Mario Maker levels Felia and I created, so you don’t want to
miss out on that. I hope you enjoy my level and thanks for playing!

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