100 Replies to “SWEATCOIN: Can You REALLY Get Paid To Walk?”

  1. Well, just use this badboy during my next 3 weeks and I'il walk enough for some dollars 😄 (60 km march, 100 km march, survival week where you don't sleep and march/make other stuff)

  2. could you use it to jog in a medium area like "in circles" like going forward then going back to where you started and go again and so on and still count?

  3. So they secretly mine bitcoin while you leave the app open and pay you in useless sweatcoin lmaooooooooo

  4. This app is horseshit I had it installed and I was averaging walking nearly 35k steps and it wouldn't give me most of the coin I was supposed to earn some days it would give max 20 but then others it would be 10 and I would walk the same route for work. So it's very iffy. I amassed like 400 coin in period of 2 months

  5. Nice! You earned $3.30 for walking 30 miles!

    (You also could have worked minimum wage for 20 minutes)
    Phenomenal deal!

  6. I’m going to make a robot leg give it my phone and put that shit on a treadmill set to high. Leave it running day and night.

  7. I have a way easier way in order to make money.
    1- put down those bag of chips
    2- find the nearest door leading outside your house
    3- and get a fucking job

  8. You can cheat your way into money by just shaking your phone because it uses movement to say how many steps you took

  9. You can cash out now, it offers me £1.87 for 1000SweatCoins but this changes often, the only sticking point is that you have to have a certain credit card.

  10. Hold multiple iPhones on you while you walk, and through transferring sweat coins, you could get 1000 bucks
    X times faster based on the amount of phones you have.

  11. So I have a question I'm old I don't understand tech but my kid put sweatcoin on my phone on average I walk 15k steps per day Monday thru Friday how do I cash out

  12. How to make money through this realistically:
    Create a program to spoof gps location and simulate walking on rooted android device
    Repeat for many accounts
    Keep the simulator on 10-15 hours daily
    You'll make around 2-300 sweatcoins per account per day
    Cashout after a few months to get 1k per account if they don't ban you

  13. I used to have this app, and it’s being advertised wrong. The app does not PAY u direct cash or put money into any bank account. U earn sweat coins, and on the feed it has “deals” it’s like ten different options to spend them that reset every week or so.

  14. All jokes aside, if ur in college with a big campus, just have the app and forget about that it’s there, it builds up and in few months U will have less than a 100 dollars and it’s just free money y not

  15. this app isn’t heavily advertised but you should do a video on achievement!! it tracks everything health related and assigns different points to each activity even things such as tracking sleep or tracking a meal. you only need 10,000 points to cash out $10!! 🙂

  16. They should just have a big goal and say there is all you can eat buffet for free when you finish it and MY EX WIFE WILL BE RUNNING

  17. I use winwalk. This app youre using only "pays" in coupons for websites, I'm pretty sure. Winwalk will give you actual gift cards.

  18. Passive income is income you can earn while you sleep. This is great for people who don't know the value of their time.

  19. Think I’ve had the app for nearly a year just on the basic package, earned about 1100 coins, it’s worth around £3.70 so to be honest it really isn’t worth it, I know it’s sort of a passive income but the reward is measly

  20. If walking 10km a day reduces obiesity rates (especially for the poor) health care costs reduced, done. Governments should use this model, but have much more reachable goals. shopping and gas coupons attainable every month.

  21. This is a deeply unattractive way for them to structure this, I hate them. Doesn't matter that perhaps some people will walk more, this company is a pile of garbage and shoukd be wiped from this world.

  22. I did a bit of maths and figured out that:
    you make 6 cents per every kilometer that you walk.
    to get 1,000$ you need to walk 10km a day for approximately 1667 days, or 4,5 years, which would be an annaul salary of 660€, or 55€ a month.
    So yeah, better go work at a supermarket or somehting…

  23. If you’re somebody who already moves a lot like a cross country runner I imagine this could be really useful because a collegiate cross country runner can run 10 miles pretty regularly and if you can then trade for free vitamins or protein that’s pretty cool

  24. How to make money with Sweatcoin @ Banan Edition.

    Step 1. Be a trucker
    Step 2. Buy 50 Phones, and make 50 Sweatcoin accounts.
    Step 3. Drive around the globe, and cash in the sweatcoins from your 50 accounts.

  25. Use it at work. If you work in a ware house you walk almost 8 miles a shift. Door to door and cooking jobs also require a lot of walking. Free money if you're already walking.

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