The 10 Best Google Chrome Extensions of 2016 | Ep.22

hey digital fan my name is John D
Saunders and today’s digital block we break down the 10 best google chrome
extensions of 2016 let’s go by now most likely use google
chrome write in sure it’s a super fast web browser developed by google together
all of our information ok or am I? No but really it’s the best
web browser out I mean Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox
is probably the best competitor all in all chrome is simple to have a
task manager and the best part is they’re large library of extensions and
add-ons these add-ons enhance the browser’s ability to perform additional
tasks so today’s episode I’m going to break down my 10 favorites so stay tuned ok guys before you go ahead and download
these extensions all you do is hit this search google
chrome extensions it will bring you to the extensions landing page this page
chronicles all the apps that they have available it’s similar to an iOS app store or an
Android app store as well are basically i put all the links in the blog so you
can click the extension that you like from there so let’s go ahead and start out once you
do get it downloaded they’ll come up here in your address bar and i’ll just
take a bit of this real estate right here so for example the first one is where
appetizer right and the way webalizer works is it tells you what a website is
using as in their technology the content management system and such so for example I’m going to use a
client-side really quick all you have to do is once its installed hit this button
here it will create a drop down on all of the different technologies on this
site so you know it’s working on an apache web server they’re using fun awesome for some of
the fonts we use twitter bootstrap for the framework as well as WordPress CMS
so just breaks down all the different technologies on that site it’s a great tool for if you’re trying
to do some competitive research or if you see a client or someone online that
you really like you can kind of emulate some of the things that they’re doing
using the weapon lizer extension next up the honey extension is really cool actually talked about this
on my snapchat honey is an aggregator so if you’re checking out on a pizza hut
online or papa john’s it automatically finds any coupons that are applicable to
you check out and add them to your your transaction so if you’re checking out of
the store honey automatically brings up coupon
related to your purchase so once it comes up and says honey found in codes
you can either try the code or you can click this button and it will show you a
list of the different coupons that will be applicable to it you know so this one
color so you can click these two try two different coupons to get it this time next up we’ve got what fun it’s the
easiest way to identify fonts on web pages so if you’re on a website for
example i will just use ours you hit this little button here and then
you highlight your mouse over the text and it will tell you what fonts are
using invite all is another great extension this highlights everyone you would like
to invite to your Facebook page now keep in mind uses sparingly you know what we all want to be able to
use it in the future so just use it on page you really want to get your friends
engaged are basically highlights everyone in your entire list and send
them an invite via this extension I’m not gonna show to live because it’s
a script that runs on the page but it’s a free extension check it out once you get it it pops up
right in here whenever you’re in that page adding friends or inviting friends to
check out your page mars bar is a pretty cool extension by
the SEO company Mars they provide a lot of services and
platforms for us to use up what it does is breaks down in a really basic way of
on-page comparison when using google search so it adds as your attributes a
lot of things you’re doing so for example i did a search for – spot on
these are the results that it gave me and I can kind of look at an overview of
how many links they have in comparison you can see these two have 4 28 this one
has to 64 domain Authority for this site is 86 but because this one has more high
quality links they rank organically just a little bit better so it’ll give you a
quick bird’s eye view of some SEO attributes really really cool tool soap a general is
pretty cool it’s kind of like a heat map using google analytics you have to have
analytics installed on your website in order to pull this data but for example
so can come here and we hit on we’ll get this nice area here and we’ll be able to
see where individuals are clicking on the site next on our list is momentum it’s a
really cool integration that you can add on there for extensions basically
whenever you open up a new tab opens up a cool window that gives you the time search your to-do list you can search google from here you can
actually see popular links as well so this is a cool integration anytime you’re opening up a new tab kind
of get a bird’s-eye view of where you’re at in that day you get these cool quotes
at the bottom you can retweet next on our list we’ve got one tab which
is pretty freaking awesome so with one tab you can have a ton of
windows open and with one click you convert all those tabs into a list so
for example we’ve got about seven open right now let’s go ahead and hit open
tab and you can see that convinced it all into a list now what i can do is open one may be on
focusing on this page and focus on that instead of having for having 15,000 tabs
all up here making it confusing for me so here I can see all of them you can restore them you can delete them
and you can do it more by naming the tag group locking tab group and more so it
just helps you really organize your workflow and your your dashboard pretty
much memory is another cool one it check your spelling and grammar as you type so
it’s good for if you’re writing blogs online you don’t really have a spell checker
that you use this extension works in the background to make sure you’re doing
your thing when it comes to grammar family finds an issue at all highlighted
in red all you do is highlight your mouse over
it and it will give you a recommendation so here I meant us well spell checker as two words all you
have to do is click the green and boom to update it for you and lastly on our list we have check my
legs check my links in great it lets you read a page to find
out if there are any dead links on well for example we looked up DMX the
wrapper on this weekend pedia page so we can find any in Baton links any links on the page be highlighted in
green in battling will be highlighted in red so if we scroll a little bit more if we
find anything okay so some of these links are actually
broken and providing for four errors so for example if you did this on your
own website and you went through your entire page you would look for any dead
links on your site and repair them or fix them do yourself if you have a lot of CMS
like WordPress or have your developer going there and fix it that’s what I’ve got for you guys today
I appreciate you checking out the video content if you like what we have to post
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