The Australian Curriculum website

Hi I’m Rob Randall, Chief Executive Officer
of ACARA. The development of the Australian Curriculum
is a significant achievement for students, teachers, schools and the broader community
within Australia. It’s also created considerable interest and inquiry from other parts of the
world. In addition to the design of the curriculum there’s been particular interest in its digital
publication – and the accessibility and functionality that results from its online presentation.
Following feedback from principals, teachers and parents over the last few years, ACARA,
in collaboration with Education Services Australia, has worked to develop a new look for the Australian
Curriculum website. A beta site was released in April this year and a further
consultation period followed. We’ve now incorporated your valuable feedback and we’ve just launched
the new and improved Australian Curriculum website, ready for use.
I’d now like to pass to Laraine Lucas, Senior Manager, Primary Curriculum to take us through
the improved navigation and functionality of the new website. I’m Laraine Lucas and I’d like to guide you through the new Australian Curriculum
website. Visually, the new site uses scrolling images
with multiple panes depicting primary and secondary students and teachers and uses a
coloured banner to better distinguish each learning area.
As Rob said, the new website offers improved navigation and functionality, including a
curriculum browser that allows users to select and filter curriculum elements such as subjects,
strands and year levels. Let’s look at the homepage changes.
A “ what’s new” section is now located on the homepage. This section provides users
with the latest additions to the website so you are kept up to date.
The Help section on the home page contains useful information including a user guide,
this video, and contact information. The ability to download the curriculum as
an editable word format has been added to the print download button located in the top
right hand of the screen. It’s in the learning area pages that the
greatest changes have been made to the look and feel of the site. All curriculum information
relating to a particular learning area can now be viewed from one screen. We’ve also
added a new navigation panel to the screen. This allows users to compare content descriptions
and achievement standards across a number of year levels for different subjects.
This navigation is a filter enabling teachers to select various views of subjects. You can
choose to turn curriculum specifications on or off. For example, you can choose to view
only the achievement standards for a number of year levels across columns. There is also
the ability to view by column, row or elaboration. Another significant change to the Australian Curriculum website is the ability to view multiple subjects across a number of year levels so teachers can view
connections across subjects. This new feature is part of the curriculum browser which is
located under the F-10 drop down navigation menu. This will be a powerful feature which
we believe teachers will find very useful. I hope you enjoy working with our new website.
Any feedback on the Australian Curriculum website can be given by using the link on
the homepage. You can also provide feedback on the content of the Australian Curriculum
by clicking on the content description code in the learning area. And we’re also happy
to hear from you by email at [email protected] or through social media.

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