The Networks in about 3 minutes

Kia Ora Kotou and welcome to the networks in about three minutes it is a game for one to five players the solo mode uses the network cards playing time is around 60 to 90 minutes it’s a moderately complex game it’s time to play the music, it’s time to light the lights it’s time for an hour of shouting that’s what we have scheduled tonight? who the hell is going to tune into an hour of shouting? what do you mean it’s the highest-rated show amongst octogenarians If that’s the case why are we running ads for hipster consoles? get the schedule manager in here immediately I want to have words with them you win if at the end of five seasons you have the most viewers watching your Network competitive: only one player can have the most powerful television network drafting: players alternate picking cards
from a publicly available pool at the start of the game select the board that matches the number of players and put out the matching number of cards of each type into a central area the four types of cards in the game are
shows which you must develop and run to score points stars which boost the popularity of shows ads which gain you money and network cards which have a myriad of effects let’s follow one player through a turn they currently have three shows running the black cubes shows what season the show is on and the numbers beside is how many viewers this show will only get two viewers a season so needs to be replaced quickly we choose an available star from the public area to star in our next show they cost us five money leaving us poor and we place them in the green room for a next action we take an advert, gaining three money this ad will also gain us one money every season the show it is attached to runs we pick this show to develop paying its cost we discard the star from the old show and add that show to our reruns the show we developed must have a star attached and can also have a second star or an ad we attach both the star and the ad to the show you can also attach stars and ads to
other shows as an action we then take a network card as an action and finally drop and budget gaining six money or two viewers each show scores a number of viewers based on its current season stars and timeslot Our new show is on at the wrong time which is hurting our viewers so we play our network card to counter that total up your viewers and advance your score marker Then age all shows by one season and place your reruns in the archive if you ever gained three shows of the same type you get a bonus you either draw three stars and keep one or draw three ads and keep one and some money if you ever have five shows at the same time draw three network cards and keep one why would you like this game? the network’s, despite its appearance is a very solid drafting euro game with an element of set collection and engine building as well the game is only five rounds long and planning what your channel will look like as the game goes on it’s quite rewarding as is boasting about your amazing lineup to your competitors the art really appeals to me as do the splashes of silly humor But that’s not why I play the game. I play it because it’s a nicely designed sharp card drafting game where prioritizing what you draft is absolutely critical to how well you perform there’s also an expansion which dramatically changes the game with each player having a very different type of network to run the best thing about this game is how it handles parody. it relies on tropes rather than direct statements so this character isn’t juice Billis for example however you can sometimes be at the mercy of what cards are available and that can scrap your plans if you have four sci-fi shows and none come up in the last season to complete the set of five there’s not much you can do about it and the art won’t be for everyone for a much simpler game about making a movie check out grave robbers from outer space and if you like set collection and drafting you could also consider museum the network’s: crappy television, quality

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