The Sims 4 – How to Build (Cheats, Tricks & Tips)

Hey guys, James here today and welcome to a beginner’s basic to building in the Sims 4. So obviously, over the last couple of weeks or so, there’s been a lot of people asking Uh…. you know, what are the cheats that I use how do you do this, how do you do that so I thought I’d do a general overview of build mode and all of the cheats I use to make all of the things that I make. So for example, I think, yeah – over there, that’s where I built a mountain house on top of a mountain using lots of cheats There’s another house on top of stuff. Anyway, so I’m going to show you all the cheats that I use and how you can sort of work with them and make some interesting buildings or just do things you didn’t know how to do. right, I’m just gonna grab out a room. ’cause I don’t know, I haven’t –
we’ll just grab out this room. This looks good! So, one of the first things I get asked is when you’re placing an item you can see it obviously goes by the grid and it rotates at 45 degree angles, and it always is stuck on the grid and people always ask, how do you do this? Oh… and how do you do this? …Woah! So this is actually a pretty useful and really simple and very handy thing That’s a lot of adjectives right there. But it’s pretty simple. Hold down the ALT key on your keyboard, As you’re placing, it’ll move around freely and then you can rotate it. Now I’m also using the Sims 3 camera mode so if you have a look in your options, then go to game camera, The Sims 3 camera, that’s what I use I find that much easier to build with and that’s what I’ve always used so some of the controls and some of the movements might only be possible in The Sims 3 Camera mode. I’m not actually 100% sure on that, but that’s what I use just in case you were wondering. So that allows me to sort of place it, then you Click and hold to rotate how ever you want, and then you can sorta move it wherever you want, as well. Now obviously that’s not gonna place anywhere because we don’t have, the cheat on that allows us to overlap items. Cause a lot of people, often ask as well, how do you get like, let’s say, this bag or something really close to the bed. Cause I would often maybe put it there or something. Just have it sitting next to the bed but currently you just can’t do that. So that’s a very simple cheat that is also very powerful. So if you open up the cheat window with Ctrl, Shift and C and type in bb.moveobjects and hit enter That will now allow us to place this anywhere we want. Obviously on the grid, but if we combine what we learned just a moment ago by holding down Alt, we can actually just put it, you know, freely wherever we want. and we can sort of just shove it on the end of the bed and just get it in there. Now, if you do want a more in-depth look at this moveobjects cheat, I do have a tutorial on that, that goes in-depth and shows you how to use it in lots of ways, but this is just a quick overview of how it all works. Now, one of the other really powerful things with this cheat and it’s one of the ways that I was able to build a mountain is that, with move objects, not only can you do this and do this, and place it sort of wherever you want inside of other objects, you can also move it up and make it float so if we have a look like this, if we press the 9 key on the keyboard, it’ll start floating up and now it is floating and we can sort of place it wherever we want and we can also press 0, the number 0 and it will come back down. Now, what you might notice is if you press- if this happens, hang on, watch this. If I press 9 to move it up, you see my camera sort of flicked over there if that happens, it’s because you have a saved camera position and I do have a tutorial on those, if you want to learn more. But for now, if you want to move an item up, that’s happening to your camera, just hold down CTRL and then press 9 and it will move up without moving your camera and then you can still press 0 to move it down. So that is how you move objects up and down And that obviously works for anything in the game as well So you can move a bed up, you can put it like this now ‘Cause now we’ve got move objects on, we can also put it over the top of this You can see now it’s sort of over the top of the chair And you can actually use this This, as far as I am aware, should be usable where I’ve placed it So if we get my Sim, this is just my test Sim She’ll come in, she’ll jump into the bed And now she’s sort of sleeping in a loft And you can use this to be able to create really cool things This is a way that you can get like, for example, maybe a desk underneath This doesn’t always work, you have to really position these exactly right So if I do this and it doesn’t work right now Just know that sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t If we put this here, we might, if we’re lucky Did we put it in the right spot? No, we didn’t But if you can sort of shimmy it around Let’s just say I shove it in the wall a little bit Can you get in there now? There you go So now she can get into the bed, and we should be able to use the computer as well So if we go play a game Ah, no, she can’t get to it Well anyway! The point is you can do that You just have to move it around quite a lot So that is the move objects cheat that allows us to put things wherever we want and also make them float Which is really, really handy Now, another one that I get asked a lot about Especially in the recent videos where I’ve been doing all the rocks Is how to scale an item up, like this. You can, again, do this with any object But I’m just using rocks to demonstrate You can make a giant chair if you want Very, very easy as well Now I believe, I don’t know how this works on non-standard English keyboards Because it is the ‘square’ bracket keys that does it So the right square bracket will scale up And left square bracket will scale down I’m not 100% sure what it is Cause I know people with foreign keyboards have had issues with this before Uh… so I can’t… I can’t answer what it is on that But on a standard qwerty English keyboard, it’s the left and right square brackets that will scale up and down And this is so, so cool I mean, sure, we can have a giant chair But you can also then start building mountains out of it And do all these kind of crazy things OK so! That covers pretty much the basics So we’ve got free object placement And rotation and we have the ability to move something up Which, you can move all this stuff up at once Which is pretty cool Now, to get a little bit more involved You can do a lot of other cool things as well So when… Ah, it gets a little bit more complicated here But if we have a table On top of tables or desks, for example,
there’s a bunch of little slots on here That you can place stuff on And with move objects, I can overlap these obviously Now we’ve taken up every single spot There are six spots, we’ve taken them all up We can’t place anything else But this is a handy little trick that I use I do have a separate tutorial on this as well But I thought I’d chuck it in here too So, if we then Uh, get another table Place an item there So- and make sure you have the move-objects cheat on still If you take that item off, you’ll notice that it’s at the exact same height Now if you combine this with holding down the alt key that we learnt earlier You can see we can place it anywhere And this means we can then place this item wherever we want on this desk And rotate it however we want as well So what you can do, in effect, is start getting a bunch of extra items that don’t take up space on the desk Uh, in terms of what the Sims can actually interact with But you can start really, really cluttering stuff up Uh, these are just random items, they don’t really make any sense for a desk But I think you get the idea So if you get that in there And then you can get, uh- can these go on there? No those can’t go on a desk What about– let’s get one more thing How about some pots? Here you go, get some pots on the desk Right there Then you remove the ones that you were using as place holders And then you have those items on the desk And then you can just put on your computer or whatever you want And then you have all these extra clutter items That you couldn’t normally put, especially in those positions Now, the only downside to this is if you do move the desk Obviously none of the stuff moves with it But if you’re 100% certain where you wanna put it That’s a really handy way to do it Now one of the other common questions that I get asked is How do you cycle through colour swatches without placing the item, or without going through like this, right and looking at the tiny little thumbnail Cause the other way to do it is, you’d go here and then you’d use the re-colour tool up here or press ‘r’ And then you’d go through it like this Uh, there is a really, really handy way to do that Which, uh… I discovered a while ago And I did do a separate video on this Might be a bit of a trend here, I did separate videos on all these things in the past But thought I’d put them all in one So if you press the ‘plus’ key on the number pad It will cycle through all the colour swatches If you press the ‘minus’ key, you can go back So if you’re like, “Oh let’s go through here- Oh! Actually I like the one before this,” Just press minus, you go back Plus- you go forward Now this does require that you have a number pad So unfortunately this won’t work for everyone Cause not everyone has a number pad on their keyboard or on their laptop Cause it doesn’t work on the regular plus and minus keys Cause the regular plus and minus keys are zoom in and zoom out, as you can see But the number pad- Cycle colour swatches! Which is a really, again, really handy one because when, especially when you’re placing like a bed in a room let me just get a new one of these and you’re not sure what color’s gonna work best it’s much easier to just flick through them super quick like this than it is to place it and then go through like this and it just gets, it’s just so much quicker and it really speeds things up that way So that covers kind of the more little Build mode cheats and, I guess, quote unquote, “hacks” that I use to either make building easier, or make it a little more diverse and get something a bit different in there Now, as for general building tips and advice, you know, just for when you start a home Usually what I would suggest, if you’re having trouble starting to build what you can do is- one of the most powerful things I would suggest is just going to Google Images, searching the style of house that you’re after. So, I dunno, let’s just say you’re trying to build a Victorian, just search “Victorian home,” or modern – “Modern home” and just have a look at pictures and just get inspiration from some of those Then, if you’re in the game, usually what is a good starting point if you’ve got nothing else is just to build a- literally just to build a-
okay, don’t go diagonal, though. Build a square and then let’s go from there. So, let’s say “oh, there’s a square there,” let’s start trying to make this look a little bit more interesting. So we could add a little bit of a house coming out this way, and then maybe we don’t want a square, we’ll make it more of a shape like this Ooh, that’s starting to look pretty good. And then one of the general rules- Not a rule. One of the general, I guess, ideas that I try and follow is I try not to leave too much flat wall space so if I have a part of the house… And also when I’m building, I’m always thinking about how the roof is gonna work, ’cause that’s one of the other things that people ask a lot about is just how to get better at roofing. Now, I do have a separate tutorial on roofing as well. All of the things I’m talking about in this video, I do have a whole Sims 4 tutorial playlist that goes into a lot more depth, but this is just, again, just a quick overview of some of the techniques. So for example, roofing on this, I can already see that I’m gonna have a regular roof sort of coming across this way. Something like this. And then I would definitely have another gabled roof coming back into the house from this front. So I would do something like that. It’s pretty simple, but you’ll notice that from the side you get the eave of the roof sort of cutting through, and there’s a couple ways you can fix this. A couple of roofing tips as well: so there’s a whole, like- when you click on a roof, you might notice, Wow, there’s a lot of little things you can click on here and it might seem a little overwhelming, but it’s pretty simple. So obviously the arrows just change the size of the roof so left and right will just make it, like, wider and this will just make it longer at the front and the back, but then these arrows here, these guys! These guys are really cool. So this allows you to either remove the eave completely or extend it really far down. But what a lot of people don’t know, is if you hold down the Shift key, you can move one side of the eaves at a time. So you can have the eave going all the way down on that side, but none on this side which is really, really, handy in some situations. So we can bring it up, and then if you just want it even again, just let go of Shift and it will just reset like that. And then, the little spheres that we here will allow you to curve the roof, which you might already be aware of, but if you’re not, there you go. And that will allow you to do that so you can get a little curved roof in there. But, where am I going with this? So, we have this roof- for example if you had something like this, the roof is coming through and you might think “Ew, that doesn’t look very nice, just stopping there.” A couple of ways we can solve this: We could either remove the eave and then it wouldn’t be a problem; Or, what I would tend to do is either extend the width of this part of the house so it just goes beyond where that roof joins, and then you have something looking like that, and from the side it looks fine, Or, you could either move this over one this way, right? So you’d either extend the house or just move this section over. That is usually the way I would go about it, or I guess there is technically a third option You could just extend this back though the other side, have the roof come all the way through and then that also looks fine there with the roof going through that way. So that’s kind of… …a simple way to do it. Now, if you’re looking at this and you’re like, “oh, it’s kinda boring, I wanna do a few more things to it,” Really, more often than not, just adding a little section of the house that maybe pops out like that, or from the side we do a similar thing like- It might seem a little overwhelming, in terms of just the amount of things we have coming out of the house, but Having little sections of the house pop out from the side actually just adds a little bit of detail. Makes it look a little bit more interesting. That might look a bit weird but I think you get the idea. So, on the front here, instead of having these two gabled roofs like this, It might look a little–Because they’re different sizes, so it looks a bit weird– it might be a bit better to instead try and get a porch roof. So we’ll get the roof coming along and then we’ll get it all the way flat and then we probably bring in the eave here on the front, just so it doesn’t overlap that roof, and then on the side you can see it overlaps as well, so we might even bring that in to there. And then, that sort of creates a little porch that covers up this little section there, I don’t like that bit on the side… But then you get this little porch area, and it’s just so- What I… I mean, what I like to do is, like I said, getting.. just looking up for… inspiration from images, or even build videos, or whatever it may be for you, and then, just build–start with, like, a basic shape and start adding on to it, but… With the roof, I always find you kind of have to tailor the builds toward the roof. If you’re going for a flat roof like a modern roof or something, that can sometimes be a little bit easier because you might just do, like for example, we’ve got a flat roof on here… uh… And we’re using just these flat floor pieces which work quite well and they’re easy to just overlap and extend. Whoops. So we’ll get this out here… And then we’d also have this probably come over the front. It’s just there like that. So then we have a flat roof, but it might look a little bit boring. So what you’d wanna do is probably get something along the lines of maybe a half wall at the top here. Maybe only on a section of it, something like that. and then you could get, if you click on here, Roof Trims, get a roof trim around it and then you can also recolor the wall trim on the half wall Anyway, these are all just kind of– I’m just showing you sort of… quickly how you can change–I guess change the look of the house, really. And you could even have a roof on this somewhere, I dunno. Like, this is not the best looking thing in the world But I think you get the idea, is like, you kinda just keep trying things Try a few different things. If it doesn’t work out, you can always just start again. Change it, add a bit here and there. Around the back, it looks a bit bland, so maybe we would even add… I think it could look cool if we cut out a section here So if we just build a room, and then just delete the room, well actually, just cut it in And then you can have just a little bit more detail there. It just makes it look a little bit more interesting and gives it a bit more depth. Now…I mean, yeah, it’s not the best looking house, but I think the principles are there. Now if you do want some more in depth tutorials on building, like I said, I have a whole playlist and it covers things from how to do some advanced kitchen counter placements, how to scale objects in more depth, you know, understanding how, for example, just the rooms work So this is a room in the Sims 4, right, and you can pick up and move the whole thing I did a whole tutorial on how these work and how you can merge the rooms properly So you can remove the wall like– I’m just doing this super quickly, but… There’s a whole tutorial on doing that and how to work with the rooms So one thing I actually forgot, doing that tutorial, is that floor tiles! I get a lot of questions about floor tiles, as well. Let’s use this one here, for example. So, by default, especially with wooden planks, you can see this in action By default, the floor tiles always face the same way However, you can rotate them if you want them to face a different direction If you press the left or right little arrow keys– or the comma and the period keys on the keyboard, It will actually rotate them. So you can go to the left, and you can just do that, rotate them that way, and you can rotate them down so you can have them facing either direction, going vertically or, I guess, the other vertical– and rotate them to the right. This is actually something that I’m pretty proud to say that Deligracy didn’t know about, and I actually taught her this and I think it was in one of the challenges we did, and she was like, “What?” So I’m pretty sure this has been a thing since the Sims 2 or at the very least, Sims 3, you could do this. So you can rotate the floor tiles The other question I get a lot as well is how do you get diagonal floor tiles? Because you can, obviously, make diagonal floor tiles if you go — I think, actually no, I don’t think this does work, does it? No, this used to work in Sims 3. But if you had a diagonal room, you could get diagonal floor tiles. But if you press CTRL and F, it will turn it into a little quarter tile and you can sort of start — whoops well, not if you do that. It will turn it into a little quarter tile and you can start placing them in the diagonal fashion, just like that. And of course, you can rotate them still in the little diagonal form factor so you could even…I dunno, do something like this, I guess get an interesting little custom pattern. I’m not doing this very well, hang on. What’s going on? Yeah, sure. Like that. Anyway, so that’s how you get diagonal floor tiles. That’s how you rotate floor tiles as well. And I think that just about covers it. There’s a whole section of hidden items in the game as well that you can unlock and buy. And there’s a tutorial on that as w– this is basically an advertisement to go check my other tutorials, it’s just because– and the reason I’m doing this is just because I’ve had so many people ask lately you know, how do you do this, how do you do that? And I’ve covered a lot of this stuff before, but not in one video, so I thought it’d be nice to do a general overview and then sort of also lead you onto some of the more of the in depth stuff I mean, I even have a tutorial on how to make custom paintings that you can put in the game. So– I think I have them in here, do I? Yeah, so like, this was a custom painting– basically a custom content item that I made and it’s really easy to do this as well. So if you wanna do that, I’ve got a tutorial on how to do exactly this so you can get custom paintings in the game and do that, so even if you wanna do something like that, And then I’ve got a tutorial on how to use the cinematic camera and how to build your own hospital or police station There’s a lot of stuff, so I do urge you to check that out if you’re interested at all in learning some more things about the Sims 4 and how to do some different, maybe more interesting things as well. But I hope this quick overview and quick look at building/a few tips here and there helped you out And if it did, thanks for watching, guys.
That’s all from me. if you do wanna learn more about any of these topics, I have a tutorial that covers it I’ll link to the playlist down below and you can check it– actually, I’ll link it on screen as well. But thank you so much for watching, guys. I will see you next time and have an awesome day!

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