The World Series of Poker MILLIONAIRE MAKER

with blinds at 400 800 there’s an open
to 2,000 we have 26,000 in the cut-offs East Queen offsuit Suite 3 but to 6000
action folds the original RAZR young white male from London whose friend came
by and let him know that I have a vlog he shoves all in having us covered I put
in the call he shows Ace King flop comes Queen six five the turn is a queen and
the river is a six boat is good and we now have just over 50,000 ships in the
250 daily never give up you were the shadow to my light did you
feel over the next hour we’re stuck with the
dealer that dealt around ten hands yeah that’s right ten hands yeah maybe one
per ten minutes and to make matters worse not to complain the air
conditioning finally gave out at the Rio years of it being 60 degrees and boom
every room is sweltering hot maybe 80 degrees everyone sweating it’s a it’s a
bad experience but you know we’re staying focused luckily I’d never got
dealt the hand so I never had any sweats and playing hands so we blind down to
about 40 K there’s a limp at 1000 2000 and are raised to a 50 100 we looked
down at East Jack off in the big blind with 40 K we shove all in limper folds
original RAZR folds ace-queen alright easy 10 k pick up for us there I
show up pocket sevens and a small blind versus a button open and get it through
a few hands later I call the Rays at the pocket fives a shorty shoves we call he
has pocket aces someone says they folded an ace the flop comes ace king 5 so he
has no outs really I have all the one five left in the deck turn is a queen
and the river is a deuce and we doubled him up but we still have about 40,000
chips blinds are still one thousand two thousand we raise to five thousand under
the gun with Jack 10 off suit under the gun one local crazy rag flat calls
button calls and big blind calls flop comes nine three three rainbow we bet
eight thousand crazy rag on our left under men raises it to fifteen thousand
yes is covered other two players fold I think we’re getting the right price to
call and shove turns that in 10 Jack Queen or 8 so we call the
additional 8,000 getting 7 to 1 on our money the turn is a beautiful one a
queen so we shove all in for about 25,000 and he snapped calls he shows
pocket queens yeah that’s that’s gonna be the worst card in the deck for us
drawing dead and and we’re out of the 250 daily I could late reg flight number
two of the 565 PLO and go for the triple bust in one day but I’ve been going so
hard I need a little break I’ll be back tomorrow with the 10 a.m. a millionaire
maker flight so a fan of the vlog a doctor has invited me to Lavo at the
Venetian for a nice meal so let’s go check that out let’s enjoy a little life it’s good
for the blog okay it’s 10:00 a.m. Saturday
there’s the Rio we’re back again for another long day of pain struggle
eventually triumph today’s the millionaire maker $1,500
buying a million dollars for first let’s stay focused make Goodreads be
aggressive that’s when this damn tournament but blinds at 25 50 action folds channel
an Asian male on the button he makes it 150 other Asian males to my right and
small blind and he makes at five thousand I have seventy two hundred to
start the hand and I looked down pocket kings my normal option here is to put in
that cold for that but I think being about 140 blinds deep it’s better just a
black hole and disguise our hand a little bit we should have position on
the small blind if the button folds otherwise we’re gonna go three ways with
kings but I think if we just fly it looks like our hand is more like a mid
pair ace Queen type hand so I call and the button calls the flop comes deuce
deuce three rainbow beautiful flop small blind continues for 650 this point
I’m putting him on a mid to large pocket pair so I call and the button calls the
turn is a four and the small blind checks I think I have the best hand I
think the small blind is giving up with Ace King type hands and the button could
have a lot of mid pairs also hopefully he doesn’t have pocket threes or pocket
fours or deuces but I think we have to bet the value so I bet 1600 the button
calls he would definitely do this with his boats so we have to be kind of
concerned small blind does fold four heads up to the river I’ve about 4400 in
my stack when the river brings a six so now I lose to the pocket sixes pocket
fives pocket fours pocket threes pocket deuces and ace deuce but I do be seventh
plus all the way up to Kings so the plan is to bet half my stack and
believe it or not pulled to a show I don’t think he’s gonna shove jack stands
whatever but he will shove all of his boats so I bet 2,200 and he puts in the
call Kings were good and we now have 14,000 a very good start in the
millionaire maker with blinds at 75 150 with a $25 ante
action folds to us in the tie Jack we make it 400 with East Queen our suit
we’ve blinded down significantly from our peak of 14,000 losing a lot of small
annoying pots guy that I busted out of a wind turn iment not too long ago three
bets me from the button to 1,000 action folds to an aggressive asian male in the
big blind who has 7,000 chips and he says two words that’s right all in a
screen offsuit facing a shove for 4050 blinds what do you do I mean bug him for 30 seconds and put in
the fold three better snap folds next time save 30 seconds of your life and
just me yeah got to make a stained eight thousand on second break going to
100 200 with a Nancy in the 10th handed millionaire maker I love poker
raise up seven eight suited get one call and get three bet and we put in the fold
with blinds add 100 200 with the 25 ante we’re under the gun with pocket jacks so
I make it 500 next to act calls button calls and the big blind calls we’re four
ways to a flop the flop comes ten nine eight two diamonds so I check
hopefully someone wants to overvalue top hair in like ace 10 Queen ten pair plus
straight draw pair or flush draw with overs button crazy asian that jammed on
me before when I folded the ACE Queen bets 1200 action folds to me and I show
up all-in 5500 he puts in the call and shows pocket nines the turn is the four
of diamonds the river is the three of clubs and we’re out of the millionaire
maker there is one reentry per flight but I’m
just not feeling on my a-game today and I got an invite to go to the pool at
Palazzo so I think that’s a good plan B let’s catch some catch some rays and
enjoy it’s 95 degrees Las Vegas weather

66 Replies to “The World Series of Poker MILLIONAIRE MAKER”

  1. Boski we are on the wrong side of this wave…..let's break through the wall baby!!! Like E40 said;"I got a mirror in my pocket and I practice looking hard!"

  2. Well, At least I made it to this Party! Let's Do This! 😎♦BGz♣&❤Tgz♠ #ManzCoinzNationz #GPGL

  3. Hey Jeff I think the first hand in the millionaire maker when you had the kings you meant to say he 3 bet to 500. Not 5,000. Great vlog. Gl

  4. Love the vlog production, pumping these bitches out…. btw was watching the $565 plo heads up match on twitch, the vlog got a shoutout from Jeff Gross— Jeff Bowski he said lol

  5. That's some very solid poker Boski. My only advice would be to muck TJo utg. Keep crushing it, you'll reach 80k in no time.

  6. Professional tournament players have to be the craziest people on Earth, especially ones who vlog it on least u get free dinners..😁

  7. If it makes you feel any better I busted ten tournaments in the first two days I've been in Vegas :-X All of the games I've played have been turbos with only a few payouts so that isn't that uncommon.

  8. Are you going to do more or less a vlog every day during the wsop, Boski? Would be really sweet if you could keep that up.

  9. Just when it feels like every other poker vlogger is letting the foot off the pedal, Boski is beating out the content! love it/appreciate it!

  10. What a missed opportunity. The A.C. goes out at the RIO and you without any " no-b.o.-ski" to sell . It might be time for another boski and the manz to refocus. Great videos as always.

  11. When I come to Vegas and take down one of those Wynn tournys, I'm gonna take you and those blonde ladies out to dinner.

  12. Disappointing. With all the tournaments you play in that you don't come in the money more often. Your obviously living your dream. But not cashing very much has got to be frustrating. Hopefully you can win a big tournament at some point in time before your dream life becomes a nightmare. A lot of people are rooting for you, me included. Sounds like your playing smart, but are getting unlucky more often than not. Thanks for the vlogs. Stay focused!

  13. Same thing happened to me in the 4 o'clock nightly, my pocket 5's against his pocket 9's, we both trip up on flop…. what's a girl to do but shove. And I was OUT. Lol. ❤from the 3%
    By the way I hate all the good game comments from the table like I wasn't suppose to have made it that far in tourney. Was still 30 people away from min cashing so they could just miss me with the BS.

  14. You seem like an awesome dude, good videos, etc – however, just a tip: a little more emotion so that people can relate to you! This is a VLOG afterall 🙂

    Peace and love,

    Chief Keefe

  15. I had an incident with the doctor in the Encore $500+50 a week ago. He kept flashing his cards when he folded in the middle of the preflop action (did it twice). One time I was all in & the other time someone else was all in. I called the floor on him 😂.

  16. Damn Jeff, where you finding these pictures of these beautiful women OMG so beautiful this one as well

  17. Just so you know I'm paying attention Jeff at the 5:58 Mark. You say the Asian male re- raises to 5000 when I think you meant to say 500.

  18. I would check / call river with KK in that spot in a tourney…I know I lose some value….curious and want opinions on how horrible of a play that is….asking for myself lol I would not be able to bet / fold there with those stack sizes and shoving is prob. not profitable either. Also, I'm like Neeme…I hate folding!!!

  19. Dealer dealing 10 hands in 1 hour = 1 hand per ten minutes? Man these math-calculation-skills are the reason I‘ll never be a poker pro☹️

  20. Bro, I hope the good Doctor prescribed you a cure for the UTG JT fancy play syndrome that you were afflicted with prior to seeing him. Lol. You ran into a monster this time, but as you know, it's normally not good in early position vs this caliber of players. GL in the next ones!

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