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What’s up, guys Thomas McPherson here from McPherson
Marketing Group with just a few things to consider about websites. From the outside looking in building websites seem
simple, but if that’s truly the case, they would be simple to set up and create right? Well the short answer is yes, but that doesn’t mean
you will have a properly functional, useful, productive or successful website. More than ever, there are so many tools that allow
you to create a quick and cost effective website today. And these tools are typically referred to
as your do-it-yourself website builders. While these website Builders sound great and can save
you a few dollars there not always the best option for you or your company. In most cases, to take full advantage of their low
price points you the customer required to design the website yourself, you have to make decisions such
as what colors to use, what fonts to use, and the overall Website Layout. These do-it-yourself website builders also give
you the ability to drag and drop elements, customize some of the sections, blah blah blah,
but you were typically limited to certain predefined options. This already puts you in some sort of box and in most
cases when it comes to the design of a website, you need to be focused on overall functionality
and user experience. So you have about a second or less communicate to your
potential customer what your website is about and how to actually use it. Overall, first impressions today are huge and the
last thing you want happening is for a potential customer to jump off your website to use your competitors
website because their websites just easier to use. So this shouldn’t come as a surprise to any of us, but
we should all know that we’re all competing for a user’s attention. You may think that you have an awesome and engaging website
because of this we all do but if you cannot drive traffic to that website, all your efforts will
seem like a huge waste of time and the digital marketing game falls into a number
of different categories. And all of these categories play an important role
in how successful or unsuccessful your website can be. For example, search engine optimization or SEO is
a strategy of structuring your website in such a way that it becomes more friendly towards popular search
engines such as Google or Bing and if these search engines such as Google or being cannot crawl
your website and understand what your website is about you literally will have a website that has a
little to no presence on the internet, which is definitely not good for business. There are other SEO strategies such as. The out links to your website
from other websites. Search engines like to see your site reference
in other places on the internet. So in order to make the links valuable, the references
on the other website should be consistent with the content on your website. With that being said, your website needs some strategic
planning and during this planning process. You need to ask yourself some
basic fundamental questions. Does your website align with your businesses
vision, needs, and objectives. Does your sales process fit into your website? What do you want your visitors to
do when they visit your website? Do you want them to contact you directly or do you want
them to buy something directly off your website and in some cases you might not have answers to these
questions, but it’s important to move forward. Try fail repeat and optimize to define the process
that works for you and your company. This process requires commitment and well thought
out strategies while there are numerous books written on the importance of analytics a
common strategy us digital marketers. Use for our clients is A/B testing. And A/B Testing is where you split test one designer
experience with another designer experience to see how your customers respond. You then compare the results and sometimes A/B testing
can take up to several iterations before you get an actual depiction of what resonates
with your actual customer base. While this short video only scratches the surface
of things to consider when creating a website. It’s important to note that you really
don’t need to overthink the process. Therefore, it’s important to keep in mind and ask
yourself: What is overall objective of your website and is just throwing a website together just
have one going to help your business achieve your primary objective. So if you need help with a website or SEO, feel free
to book your free consultation with me today at McPherson Marketing are call 919-792-8794
and let us incorporate our strategies and your vision to take your business
to the next level.

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