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hey guys today I’m gonna give you some
advice for critiquing other people’s work now since I’m a designer this is mostly
going to be design related but I think that the skill of
critiquing peoples work and also knowing how to take critique yourself is
a really important one and it can come in handy in lots of different jobs so hopefully you find this useful In design
school there are a lot of critique sessions where you’ll show your work and fellow students will give you
feedback on it and then you’ll do the same for them unfortunately in the first few years of design
school in my experience anyway people feel a bit awkward about critiquing
something that they know the other person has worked really hard on and they sort of sit back and don’t say
much and you get feedback that’s not incredibly useful like ‘it looks great’ so I
guess my first point is that you should not feel awkward about critiquing. It’s part of the process, it’s part of being a designer and it’s a really important part of being
a designer actually being critiqued can be really hard at
first especially when your student and you’ve been spending all day and night on a project only to
have a critique session and a fellow student points out something that’s not
very good about it it can be hard not to take that
personally because you put your heart and soul into the project but you really
have to remember that they not saying you’re bad or that you’re a bad designer they’re simply pointing out something in
your project that maybe you need to work on a little bit more or perhaps you’ve overlooked also
remember that it’s a really good thing to hear that in a critique when you’ve still got time to work on it and
improve it rather than getting that feedback on your mark sheet when you’ve
already handed in the assignment so what if you do do not take critiques
personally we just need to get over to be honest it’s just part of being a
designer it’s a part of the design process and the faster you get used to it the
better. As I said at the start giving critiques is also a really important part of the process. So make sure you get involved in critique sessions and hopefully that will encourage your fellow students to do the same and then you’ll all benefit from it. At first
when you’re still like tuning your design eye and still learning it might be hard to think of things to say
during a critique but There’s a few questions you can ask yourself
to help out with that like does it fit the brief, does it
convey the right message, think about the hierarchy of the piece, does it seem like
things flow in the right order does anything feel a little bit awkward or
slightly out of place like to does anything catch your eye in a bad way? Is there a
nice balance of space does it gives your eye room to breathe as you’re looking at the
page. If there’s anything that comes to mind when you think about those things
that maybe you would do a bit differently if it was your piece then that’s the thing you should be saying
in a critique. when you for critiquing someone’s work it’s really important to try and be
constructive so if you don’t like something don’t
just say don’t like it try and explain why you don’t like it you’re not expected to give a solution to
the problem and I think that’s something that stops people from speaking up a lot of
the time but it is really important just to try
and articulate why you think something’s not working quite right and that will be helpful. It’s also really
good force to yourself to try and explain things like that because it will help
you when you’re talking about your own work. lastly I’ll just say that remember a critique
is meant to be more of a discussion so yo’re not expected to just sit there
quietly while everyone else talks about your work It is really important to ask them
questions about their feedback so that you can make sure you understand it and yeah just get a discussion going. You also don’t
have to make every single change that is suggested, because a lot of the time it does come
down to personal preference but it’s really important just to think
about what people have said and the reasons why they’ve said that and just take that on board when you’re
looking at improving your piece. Really you just have to make sure you’re getting
involved in critiques because it’s an awesome way to learn from other designers With my team at work we critique each
other’s designs all the time and have discussions and debates about certain bits and it’s really valuable. so I really
hope this video has given you a few tips so you can start giving valuable critiques
to other people, and encouraging them to do the same thing for you but if there’s anything I didn’t cover, or if there’s
anything you’ve got questions about then please feel free to leave them down
below in the comments give this video a thumbs up if you found it useful or if
you just enjoyed watching I guess and I’ll see
you next week. bye

15 Replies to “Tips for giving feedback & critiques (Design advice) | CharliMarieTV”

  1. I think this is also relevant on YouTube and any other areas of creativity where it can feel a bit personal to have someone critique, but you're right that it's so necessary in order to learn and grow 🙂

  2. Great advice! I went to art school and this was a big part of the process. Constructive criticism is there to help you, and to help you be better. 

  3. Thanks for sharing Charli! I think these tips can definitely be useful in more than just the design context!
    – Tara 🙂

  4. So helpful! I've had my fair share of awkward critiquing during uni so I'm keeping that in mind when school is back in session.

  5. great advide! When I was in uni I found it really awkward when I had to say what I didn't like about someone else's article, especially if I didn't know the person…

  6. I've always found it hard to critique others  at uni when we had to do peer evaluations. P.S your make up looks really pretty in this vlog!

  7. You're so very wise Charli. I once did a self portrait when I was 5 and when my parents critiqued it they failed to mention that my nose was positioned on my forehead. 

  8. Great video! I still find critiques difficult but I feel I am definitely improving. I do secretly wish it could all just be written as I can actually think it through completely and make sense through all of it! 
    The worst critique I think I've ever received though is probably from one of my College Lecturers who had said to me and multiple class mates that she "didn't like it" but would then not give any help in improving the piece/wouldn't state what she didn't like!

  9. This is great!  My motion design students are doing their first peer critique tomorrow.  I'll be showing this to prep the time.  Thanks!

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