92 Replies to “Trump criticizes media reaction to ‘send her back’ chant”

  1. Ilhan Omar speaks beter American than Drumpf and in reading American Ilhan Omar wins biggely to Drumpf !

  2. I'm not sure "Patriots" is the right word here. If the "squad" really hated our country then they wouldnt have run for office on ways to improve things.

  3. How to make America great again according to Trump.
    She is black!
    Send her back!
    She is black!
    Send her back!
    You are brown!
    Your not welcome in our town!
    You are brown!
    Your not welcome in our town!

  4. It isn't anti Semitic to criticize the right wing government of Israel. You gotta stop lying about Illhan Omar fox news.

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  6. If these Congresswomen were Congressmen, Trump would not attack them. Trump bullies women. GENDER discrimination.

  7. First off it’s not racist to tell someone who hates this country to leave! If someone came in my house saying how awful things were I would tell them to leave. Just like I tell my son if he doesn’t like the rules in MY house he can leave. He’s white. But I guess that’s racist.🙄🙄Democrat’s are idiots!

  8. The dude's bedrock slogan is "make America great again". As in America stopped being great. And she's the one who hates her country? Y'all don't see any hypocrisy in the slightest? Seriously guys wake up! Whether you're fine with it or not at the very least admit this guy is a racist.


  10. I get it… When Trump complains about how terrible America is (see inauguration speech, etc)… he is a patriot… but, when Omar complains and says we are better than this… she is a traitor that we should kick out of the country!!! Jesus people… How hypocritical… seriously.

  11. Well when you complain about a country that took you in what do you expect. Media failing and will become a thing of the past.

  12. I'm a Hispanic American/Woman/Social Worker and I'm not offended by our president remarks… I lived in a third world country and came here legally… I love this country and very proud to call myself an American Citizen first!!!….

  13. Trumptard supporters are getting stupid by the second…. the heat wave has fried their peanut brains with their MAGGOT hats.

  14. Trump is a racist and his past history clearly demonstrates it. He is trying to pull his base down in the gutter with him and its pathetic. This is not how a president behaves !!! The spin and manipulation of his followers is intense and constant

  15. President Trump don’t backdown and don’t take back the chant !! Ignore the F*****ing fake news and the demorats.

  16. They're trying to cause enough outrage to get him kicked off Twitter. Twitter is a huge weapon of his and just imagine him without it. A send her/him back chant is a pretty common phrase that's aimed at someone not from here. Heck we do this is pep-rallies in grade school when talking about other teams.

    Piers and Gorka who are white get chants like this, not because their skin color but because of their nationality. Mayors and Governors and even Presidents get this. Remember when people wanted to send Bush back to Texas and Texas was like "dude, he wasn't born here, send his butt back to Connecticut"? haha But yeah if you're not born here and don't seem to like it here and talk bad about the country that took you in then you're going to get the "GO BACK TO…" chant. It's to be expected. Why? People don't want someone that's wasn't raised here and doesn't have America running through their veins, so to speak, telling them how to live and think. She should EXPECT this kind of reaction! We are more inclined to embrace the local representative than the outsider. If you've lived here 20 years vs the old man that's lived here all his life then you know his words carry more weight. Nationalities stick together. Don't get that confused with ethnicity. You put 2 Brits and 2 Americans in a room together and no matter the color, the Americans will be sitting at one end of the table while the Brits are at the other end.

    Trump just didn't word his tweet the way he should have. He should have specified Omar and shouldn't be looping those women together because this "squad" thing isn't good for anybody. He's gotta be careful because the left is looking at every single word he writes and speaks with a magnifying glass in hopes of finding something offensive and offensive enough to get him banned. It doesn't matter if he uses Twitter like a diary, all his words carry a ton of weight. Fortunately yet unfortunately he says a lot and the more you say the more problems people will find with your words. I have a headache and wrote too much…why? What a waste of time.

  17. If the 'squad' was composed of 4 anti-U.S. white females of Ukrainian background …..would a "go back" chant from the audience then be racist? Of course not. The chant was labeled racist by the democrats and the media merely because the squad has 3 women of color.
    These folks cannot think rationally because they're ideologically possessed and in most cases dull-witted. Trump 2020

  18. I only can express my feelings about that racist POTUS in the three words "send him back," ‼️‼️

  19. He's conducting. His head moves in time with the chant. He actually keeps the beat in time with his side to side rhythm. It's a visual encouragement. He is orchestrating the crowd which suggests the chant was a plant too.

  20. Its funny how American people can rise their voice this much seriously about an immigrant with questionable background & wanna play dirty politics while ignoring those voices of their own American citizens living homeless in streets. Everybody get angry when you say send back these immigrants but everyone is happy when you shoo away those homeless American people from your neighborhood. America is great

  21. If he's racist so are they, those women say racist things about Jewish people but that's ok. Those anti Trump news outlets needs to show the full statement Trump made, not just the first sentence, they're good at only showing the parts they want to make Trump look bad

  22. Nothing racist about it ! We’re sick of these commies who bash America and tell US we’re racist. Not one name mentioned not one color mentioned. Yet they all knew who they were… To be honest it doesn’t matter what color you are or gender. If you hate America then leave. THATS NOT RACISM Fing rets! It’s called patriotism. It’s called LEGAL Assimilation‼️Love her or leave! 🇺🇸‼️We’re done with this bullsh*t!

  23. Dems using  the race card, because they are brain dead and desperate. Americans are free to chant and speak up. They have forgotten all the vile things and words they have thrown at the President.

  24. Offcourse he is he know he messed up. lol. Why else would he be talking about it? Hahaha trying to patch it up.

  25. It was Racist why are so many people twisting it. It is what it is. I'm sorry I can't trust Fox News anymore it's not OK when anyone insults my intelligence thinking I'm stupid and talking to me like I'm stupud. I feel like I'm in a Alternate Universe most of the time watching Fox and I don't like the feeling of someone F*ck'n with my head and reality. Especially when I figured out what they are doing it's dangerous and unforgivable…

  26. Trump… just stop responding to these idiots, simply say I'm running a country and don't have time for school yard banter. They are baiting you to build talking points cuz they have nothing.

  27. I’m not american but what’s wrong with sending em back? What’s wrong with repatriating all non whites bAck to their countries? America used to be great and trumps fighting a losing battle, unless America is white again it will fail in the future when whites are outnumbered and then hunted down..

  28. People HAVE THE RIGHT to feel the way they do and to voice their opinion. TRUMP has no control over what other people say.. thats on them.. not Trump. This is dumb as F.

    Many comments here are from small minded people that insist that if you are not for Trump, you are to be criticized – even if what you say is true. Brainwashed sheep following an arrogant leader. This sounds to me like Germany in 1935. It’s pathetic. America used to be an intelligent country. Now it’s the land of “us against them” . Sad.

  30. Trump's a racist. He tries to hide it but it keeps coming out of him. As time goes by the world figures you out and Trump is no exception. Racist pig.

  31. The whole Trump campaign was about how "terrible" things were in USA, and that Trump had to fix it to "make America great again"….
    According to Trumps "logic" he should've left the country…

  32. I like how they quote Piers Morgan. Guy's a joke and he's just another controlled mouthpiece for the hidden hands of the controllers.

  33. We actually have a president of color if people will just open their rides and look at the man. He's slightly pink with orange overtones. What you're witnessing is Operation Mockingbird in full swing as the hidden hands of power try to undo the damage this president has done by exposing them for who and what they are.

  34. When will you spastics Learn that Calling Trump a Racist does NOT WORK BECAUSE HE IS NOT HE EMPLOYEES MIXED RACE PEOPLE he has done more for the black and Espanic community than the last 3 President's combined it did not work in 2016 nor 2017 nor 2018 nor will it work this year I PREY FOR A UK Version not sure it's Boris

  35. I'm an adult, in my state of thinking, I ignore statements like this, but, what about those kids in elementary schools? the 10 year olds, teens, etc, these kind of rhetoric trickles down to them, polluting their minds, this kind of rhetoric destroys society from the ground up.

  36. Trump grandfather was burn in Germany therefore trump should go back to Germany, what about his wife. This man is a racist and an embarrassment to the U.S.A. This man is nothing but a sick disrespectful to everyone that disagree with him, a lair, disrespect women , people with disabilities, war heroes, he hire undocumented workers at the golf club in NY and NJ , he hire contractors and did not pay them for there work

  37. undocumented workers from Mexico , Guatemala and Costa Rica, every business he stated end up a failure, 6 bankruptcies and lost over $ 1.17 billion , National dept with this president is over $ 21 trillion and will continue to grow. Republican wake up you guys are losing voters for 20/20 coming soon.

  38. A lot of Americans think the same thing….its not racist…it's common sense…you hate this country…then move to a country that espouses your political beliefs. Liberals always…always, always use the race card when they dont get their way.

  39. tweets from President Trump IS NOT RACIST. …it has everything to do with those women HATING AMERICA!!
    TRUMP the President of ACTION  and MIRACLES MADE TO HAPPEN!!

  40. Nothing to do with race. I have no problem sending these anti-Americans home to their 💩 countries. I’ll help you pack. Don’t know how lucky they are to live here.

  41. Send them back is clearly racist. There is no time where that is an ok thing to say, Trump was a famous Obama+America hater and boasted about being a whiner so i don't see the problem

  42. Can a Trump supporter explain this? Trump says he spoke right away. But didn't. – What is the fact here?
    He says he isn't racist. But says and tweets racist statements. What is the fact here?
    Do you have an objective (independant) view on facts? Or is it really just whatever he says at that minute, that's what you'll say is true? Honest question.

  43. Look at the old racist baster,you are 75 isnt it time for a stroke or heart attack well i can only pray,oh happy day.

  44. AOC is my hero and can disagree with that. It is your right as an American! I am an immigrant, Hispanic male and a veteran. During my teenage years, I would be told to go back to my country even though I had no political affiliation. It was just simply based on my accent and skin color. I hope this racist rhetoric is not becoming the norm in America. I would hate to have to deal with people who think it's okay to tell me to leave the country that I love and served.

    Take a note from @captbad and vote them out. Do not give in to the hate.

  45. Anyone see the Oxymoron in "send her back"1. she aint going nowhere 2.America is an immigrant country 3. Low IQ losers should be last of the barrel to tell anyone to go anywhere…The morons are imbeciles like Trump

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