52 Replies to “Two Biggest Networking Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making – Dan Lok”

  1. ""If you are not getting enough clients, you don't have a networking problem – you have a marketing problem". Comment below and share your thoughts!

  2. sir Dan….what youve shared is really really deep it made me smile… cause fundamentally we go to networking hoping to get client which in your speech is totally wrong…because people who go there are networkers not clients…thank you

  3. I've been to many networking events and hated all. Now I know why. Everyone comes to a networking event with a "me" agenda. It's a losing mindset from the get go. Great insight.

  4. Great video on networking. Very interesting to find out that Dan does not go to networking events. But after you listen to the whole video you realize why.

    Many people go to networking events to get more clients. They are trying to solve a marketing problem with networking. It's like trying to fill a hole with a hammer.

    It's similar to business professionals going to a night club looking for a one night stand. People are looking at themselves and trying to find ways to satisfy themselves. No value is being added as it is just a short term relationship no intention for longevity.

    Network when you dont need business. When you do this, you can focus on other people and find ways to provide more value.

    Ask yourself: "How many networking events would you go to if you had high paying customers and more than you can handle?"

    If you answered, none. You are most likely going to networking events for the wrong reasons.

  5. Networking is NOT something that you do to get business… wow. That is a totally different mindset compared to the hundreds of people I have seen at conferences throwing business cards at each other within the first 30 seconds of talking. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  6. interesting, recently I thought I'd have to look out for networking events in my region, but now I realize there is no point, unless it's a meeting of successful businessmen.

  7. Your so right Dan….if your not getting clients…its a marketing problem….focus on attraction….high quality clients are not go to network events…..thanks Dan…
    Yes l have noticed that…when l have gone in the past all bloody struggling….needed to hear that….x

  8. UK.60…..l am a top performer and doing well….dealing with the haters….has been a challenge…..they hate themselves not you….my company has great marketing…but very poor compensation package…
    I am starting a new role in Marketing and Sales….this video has been very very usual….
    About the marketing and network problem…is the name and brand out there….
    Great clarity

  9. Yes going to most events are a waste of time 90 per cent of the time….there is no value at all….just getting business cards ..that you end up throwing in the bin….
    Adding Value….l am watching your pod cast on…how you attract high net worth clients…and their buying pattern….that they follow…now l know….

  10. Absolutely the truth. I been to many networking events but just doesn’t seems to find go people to talk in depth. Now I finally got it. Successful people are not at networking event.

  11. great , go to networking events for major purpose of making connections and attractions. not to sell your business

  12. When Dan said "What's wrong with this approach?" It took minutes before he answered it himself with "Desperation, being needy". Desperation is repulsive to opportunities, it scares people away.

  13. Pick up the phone and call leads PERIOD why do people make this so hard! Learn sales skills and stop being a BABY when you hear a no. Networking events are lame bunch of people acting like there your friends not worth my time

  14. Sure the very rich ones are not there…. duh. I think everybody knows that. You can also just go to be among people who have businesses (bad or good) and also to find some friends, partners. I know a lot of entrepreneurs that especially at the beginning they do not have any like minded friends. You get clients from your mind. The sharper your mind is the more clients. At the beginning noone has sharp mind. We work on it. Networking events are a great tool to do that.

  15. Treating client as option… Client treats one back as option…. Hm… Dan the problem with me is there is a so called "adrenaline" hush

  16. I'm seriously developing confidence… Losing by process… Gaining it back by listening to you… Then get ready to shatter it again.

  17. Use classroom sitting (chair n table facing you/stage) in your trainings… That will help participants and you…

    Cluster sitting is casual (used in award or party function) and not comfortable for all (can't face you straight).

  18. I made many sales after networking events to people who I don't know. I take the business cards and turn it into an opportunity on my opportunity register. Afterwards I seek, make and get many second dates. I don't sell at the event. I'm learning.

  19. If we are not talking about business in the networking functions or events, what should we talk about then to make a connection?

  20. Networking = any activity that increase the value of your network and/or the value you contribute to it.

    If you use networking to generate leads or clients, you have a marketing problem, not networking problem.

    Real successful people with high-quality prospects don't need to go to networking events. That's why they are never there!

  21. I love to meet quality people. the quantity is not important. if don't accept low quality guys. Dan's advice is high quality information. I love this channel.

  22. This is why I have stopped going to networking events the bombarding of trying to sell to me as if i am their target market even recently with one app i had to stop using it. It is amazing how desparate people can come across. Intentions are everything.

  23. DANLOK danlokkk danlokkkkkk . sir with all respect i want to say something. you are right sir at networking events there are no successfull people but there are dreamers & you can find largest no. of people at only networking events who want to change there life. sir you should not say anything bad to something in which you are not involved. its people dont know how to do network marketing . there is reason sir why this industry produce largest no. of millionaire in the world. so stop being so smart.

  24. I’m looking for the video where Dan talked about using a published book instead of a business card in order to stand out. Is it mentioned in this video? I can’t find it anymore.

  25. Massive epiphany about who DOESN'T go to networking events. I'm actually on my way to one, but I'm glad that I'm going to meet a particular influencer that has had an impact on my life.

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