Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle – Continuous 3D Printing 24/7

I’m here at Imanginables today for
the unveiling of Ultimaker’s new Pro bundle pack this is a pretty amazing
achievement and in fact I’m waiting to go in to hear what all these features
are all about so let’s jump into that straight away. We’re here today at Imanginables for the
launch of Ultimaker’s new Pro pack. The pro bubble pack actually
consists of the s5 Ultimaker machine that’s been released before as well as
an air manager and the newly released material station and the material
station itself is pretty amazing. This I think is a complete game-changer when it
comes to the world of 3d printing. I’m here with Jesse Blok who happens to be
the services sales engineer and we’re going to talk about some of the new
features that are coming out with this Pro bundle. Jesse in your terms what do
you think is the benefit of this new pro bundle? In my opinion right now
Ultimaker is really allowing a customer to print 24/7 I think people have
experienced that the filament sensor is a great addition to the s5 and now
they’re going for the next step I love the idea of being able to run a machine
24 hours a day I know that within my own printing experience I don’t sleep very
well when I’m running a print as I’m worried that filament might get caught
or they might be a failure talk about how that’s been addressed in this new
bundle pack. So Ultimaker as the material station which isn’t only a
material station but also controls the humidity so the customer can load eight
spools Ultimaker spools third-party materials the material station will
either recognize the material check how much is on them spool if the current
user has handled them correctly and then you’ll put them into the pre feeders and
it’ll switch automatically when one spool has been emptied it’ll continue
printing with the next one so let me get this right I’ve got a material station
where I can load up different types of material and the machine changes it over
and just in case I’ve open that material up let it sit there it’s actually
humidity controlled within that space? Yes. That’s pretty amazing I haven’t
heard anything like that you any other 3d printing solutions yeah well
Ultimaker has really listened to their customers I think with this one
especially BPA is dissolved with water so humidity in the air is also something
so with the dehumidifier they try to enhance the experience that customer has
with it and especially for a company all the hassle changing materials and those
kind of those are man-hours so if you can avoid them it’s better right?
This new Pro Pack it’s aimed at the Hobby or kind of a business level? it sits on the business level like a
hobbyist is really looking forward to expand like its startup company by
adding a printer and possibly getting a few extra hands of course but it’s like
the crossover area from a small business to medium business area. The other
thing that’s in this pro pack is an air filter so that any filter is it just a
hips and filter what what makes it’s different from the other options you can
get with 3d printers? So right now this filter has been really validated it’s
epoch filter its filters 95 percent and it focuses on all the the particles when
3d printing and lasts for about 1500 hours and the machine will tell you when
you need to replace it I’m getting the feeling that this is a real departure
from the other Ultimaker machines in the sense that this is kind of a workhorse
it just keeps going. Yeah so that’s what they’re fully focusing at right now
with all the research being done by Ultimaker R&D the people really focus on
continuous printing maintaining the prints area where it’s printing or the
the bills volume in a constant state so the prints come out like they should.
This is kind of game-changing there’s a lot of printers out there that
are going from like the hobby level going into a business level but
this is complete this is answering questions that it seems that the
community has had for a long time just curious did you have access to one of
these machines what would what are you keen on making with this Pro bundle? I
think right now we’re mostly looking to print larger models which at times need
a lot of support so we’re able to empty our spools yep print long durations of
time over weekends so we don’t have to come back waste materials and concerning
applications Ultimaker with their carbon infused filaments are getting more and
more into the technical area so I’m thinking that we’re also looking at
printing more and more jigs and fixtures but also even components that can be
loaded at times. I love this guy cuz he’s a businessman
I’m asking you you personally what would you like to make on that machine given
that you’ve got access? Okay well this in that case since I’m
Dutch I’m looking to develop and print all the interfaces for a bike and carbon
infused filaments and then just use regular carbon tubing okay gluing it
together and see if you can hold my weight I’m looking forward to seeing
that I really am because I think that’s that’s exactly this technology allows
you to do to be able to go first of all print in carbon fiber on a machine
that’s kind of history has been all about making and creating that allows
anyone to be able to express themselves that they want. Can I ride the bike when you finish it? Yeah well try! Might have to slim down a bit but I gotta go
no worries Jesse thank you so much yeah have a good one. Great. We’re really lucky to have the VP of the
asia-pacific region for the Ultimaker Ben Tein here and I just want to talk to
you really quickly not just about the Pro Pack that’s come out but Ultimaker
in general. So, first of all, this is an incredibly exciting proposition I know
that for myself and from a lot of the people who are going to be watching this
we’re not businesspeople we love the idea of being able to have a continuous
feed with material is that something that ultimately might be able to
consider in the in the future making this material station available for
people who already have machines or maybe have the s3 or s5? Well it all depends again I mentioned during my presentation just now all these
machines or accessories are driven by what our customer wants so if there’s a
requirement by people in our community on the material station for
the new machines for the older machines yeah, why not, we’d definitely consider that
for sure. Absolutely, so if I got people to write below that they want this see this
sort of stuff. Please. And when it comes to the material station itself
it’s pretty amazing this of all the things that I’ve seen in the last 12
months this is really the game changer as far as I’m concerned I’d love to
give you my credit card right now and just be like I want three because to
be able to utilize a machine that runs 24 hours a day and I know that
even from my experience and what I’m talking in the last 10 years being able
to put some material on and wondering is it gonna run out? do I lose the print?
is it a way for me to save it? that is something that just it hasn’t been
addressed and in this pro bundle pack you have this material station that is
it’s just a complete game-changer. Yeah, exactly, this is basically a system
required by, you know, a lot of our customers. Not only is it able to
supply unlimited, almost unlimited materials 24/7, not just 24. It also has a temperature and moisture control within that environment.
So it’s kept at forty percent humidity so your materials are safe from moisture
and what have you out there. Again that that is something that has been
discussed and may might have been addressed but it’s one thing so we
discuss humidity and moisture, we discuss the material, sometimes they put a sensor to turn the machine off but it hasn’t been this continuous. And on top of that we have the
air manager which is not just a hips filter but it is, actually, what why don’t
you tell them? Well it’s not just has a HEPA it filters up to 95 percent of particles, but the same time
actually regulates the temperature within the entire chamber so you
basically, helps optimized the print quality of whatever materials this is
loaded into the material station so if you have a particular
spoon that has the UFC it ultimately senses that for this particular spool a
certain regulated temperature and airflow is required so he basically
automatically senses and changes according to that particular spool that’s
why we need to use material spool with UFC. Right so the to the machine knows
what material you’re using it optimize the environment to get the best result
and again that’s phenomenal you’re talking about a completely
encloses system. Yes. So I’ve got material different types of material that’s
compatible with the machine I’ve put it into the Material Center how does it
know what I’m using? If the spool has an NFC we can tell a what
material using and one kind of print environment will best suit then whole
print profile. Great what’s NFC stand for? So basically
an NFC stands for Near Field Communication so the system’s able
to work out the best print profile of that particular spool.
Fantastic so the spools have a little chip that it reads and then it takes the
specs off that chip and it configures what’s going on exactly like that
important well it’s important why because different materials have in a
different environment at different print profiles so in order to have best people
the best print quality and the environment has to be conducive right so
that’s right but you know the premium is able to regulate the temperature the
airflow is within the air manager all regulated by the NFC. Fantastic and wher does the specs for these filaments come form? Do we have to plug them in?
No I mean all the material supplier for example the large companies are able
not to make us they will give you the specs and all the specs are found within
cura okay so once what you want you’re able to download Cura and
be able to locate the part number that optimized build quality within cura and then you can just print it and off the record, as easy as that. Before we let you go I want to talk a little bit about Ultimaker itself
because Ultimaker started really is a ground maker baseed start up this real
start up using technology that it was around but refining it. Cura happens
to be one of those things that a someone interested in 3d printing heads would be
familiar with but a lot a lot of people realize that it actually is the software
side of the Ultimaker ecosystem. exactly and Ultimaker is more than happy
for people to utilize what they know from the software side? Definitely I
mean Cura is open source are 95% developed by Ultimaker yeah so
they’re more than happy to have you know and users using them. It’s history is free for use so the more you use is this is this is good for us why because you’re
actually helping us public you don’t forget you know how hard to me because
it’s not just you know taking in from the community that’s giving back to
community perfect that’s how we are and that’s what I really love Ultimaker.
The machines are tried and tested that’s really an amazing thing you’re talking
about technology that might have been available before but Ultimaker doesn’t go and try to reinvent the wheel
it’s a stay with what works and they stay with what’s tried I personally love
these machines I don’t have one in my stable but maybe we can change that
yeah but I’ve had a lot of use with them in some of the roles that I’ve worked
with and I’m I love these machines because it does what it needs to do I
always joke that you know 3d printing is not video tech technology you don’t want
to type in record and it works every time but Ultimaker comes very close to
to that analogy over being a video tape machine in the sense of reliability and
getting the results you want ease-of-use that’s not in the professional level it’s
nothing you know in this and know your marketing professional here but
hobbyists makers makerspaces libraries schools can afford these machines and
get results that are repeatable yeah it’s pretty amazing it’s great to have
you here thank you so much for having some time let me tell you absolutely if
you’re interested in 3d printing and the Ultimaker this machine is definitely
something you want to take a look at this machine is just launched literally
today so again I want to thank Ben for spending some time with us and I’m
looking forward to delving deeper into the s5 and the actual pro pack itself
I’m really hoping to come back here at Imaginables and run some tests to see
really what this Pro Pack will allow people to deliver – thank you so much
Ben thanks Gil thank you so much if this is the first time you have come to my
channel I invite you to hit the subscribe button and the bell icon so
you don’t miss out on any other videos about technology and maker craft.

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  1. 0:01 – Introduction at Imaginables
    0:50 – Talking about the Ultimaker Production Pack with Jesse Blok from Imaginables
    1:30 – Discussing continuous printing with the Ultimaker Materials Station
    1:37 – Unscrewing the lens housing
    2:22 – Humidity and filtering when 3D printing
    3:00 – Looking closer at Ultimaker Air Station
    4:00 – Personal projects on the Ultimaker Pro Pack
    5:27 – Ultimaker S5 features
    5:56 – Discussing the Ultimaker Production Pack with Benjamin Tan, Vice President, Asia Pacific region from Ultimaker
    7:53 – Discussing the range of unlimited materials used in the Ultimaker Pro Pack
    8:46 – Talking about the automated environment for optimised printing with the Ultimaker Pro Pack
    9:48 – Near Feild Communication of filament for optimised environment set up
    10:37 – Explaining the automated settings and the Ultimaker material alliance
    11:15 – Discussing Cura slicing software and the Maker community
    12:34 – Ultimaker 3D printing solutions for schools, libraries and Makerspaces
    13:06 – Wrapping up what the Ultimaker Pro Pack can do for you

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