Unblock Websites on Chromebook (Method 2)

Hello everyone. Today I’m going to show you
another method of unblocking websites at your school or office. Now, you may’ve tried my
first method, and it didn’t work for you. This is because some schools and offices have
the proxy settings locked. So, here is another method that should work for you if your school
or office locked your proxy settings. So, I blocked urbandictionary.com on my home
Wi-Fi network. And when I go to Urban Dictionary, I get this message. So to unblock this website,
you wanna click the first link in the description, and it’ll bring you to this page. Now click
“ADD TO CHROME”, and “Add app”. The program will begin downloading. You can see the progress
down in the bottom left corner. It’s about 200 megabytes large. So, depending on your
internet connection, it may take a little while. Alright, so once it finishes downloading,
you wanna click the second link in the description, and it will bring you to this website. And
you want to click the download button. It says “Click here to download”. Then this will
download. It’s about 30 megabytes large. And now you want to run ARC welder. Go ahead
and click “CHOOSE”, “NEW FOLDER”, and just call it “ARC Welder”, and “OPEN”. Now click
“Add your APK”, and double click on “com.cloudmosa.puffinFree”. Then it’ll bring you to this screen. You wanna
select “Landscape”, “Maximized”, and disable resize. And you also want to allow clipboard
access. And click “TEST”. Now, Puffin will open. Takes about 20 seconds
to open. I sped this up a bit. And then when this pops up just click “Get Started” down
there at the bottom. And now when I type in “urbandictionary.com”, Urban Dictionary is
unblocked. So again, this is another way of unblocking
websites at your school or office, if the proxy settings are locked by your administrator.
Now, Puffin Web Browser is a bit laggy, doesn’t work very well with games. So, if you can,
I recommend doing what I said in method one. I’ll put a link to that in the description
as well. But otherwise, if method one doesn’t work for you, this is what you’re gonna have
to do. Thanks for watching, and please subscribe.

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