Using Social Media in Schools at Prospect Primary School

>>Using Social Media in Schools
>>At Prospect Primary School>>Marg Clark
>>Deputy Principal :>>We have implemented the use of Social Media
at our school, because today’s kids are totally immersed in Social Media at home and
they come to school in a lot of schools it is blocked out and we believe really that
the best way for kids learn social media is to be involved and for us to be there to guide
them and help them if they come across problems then we are there to help them and sort it
out.>>Patti Cibich
>>Classroom Teacher:>>One of the many ways that we are engaging
our children with the social media is using a program called SuperClubs Plus which will
be rebadged as Scootle, in um September. Um it’s a closed ah online community has 24
hour monerting, so no adult who is not a fully trained teacher can be part of that site so
that the children are in a closed community where they can learn all of the skills necessary
to be a good digital citizen so they are leaning all of the cyber safety skills, they are learning
to keep their personal identity safe they are learning etiquette as far as emailing
safely and correctly and things like that.>>One Of The Students:
>>Well one of the things I like about the website is that you have to work to develop
everything, including your pages, get credits, get all your badges, and another thing is
it teaches young children how to learn how to email appropriately so when they get to
older social media websites like such as Facebook and Twitter they will know what to do.
>>Patti Cubic>>Classroom Teacher:
>>One of the other major benefits in my opinion of using something like Super Club Plus are
the curriculum lengths as well. It has a good basis for the literacy and numeracy area,
the children are constantly reading, having to make decisions, they can put ah their own
writing up online they can upload book reviews things like that. Ah once a month on Super
clubs they also have hot seats. Ah which they invite a popular children’s author in, or
popular figure in, um community, and the children pose questions live and they get their questions
answered and things like that.>>Marg Clark
>>Deputy Principle:>>Some of our kids have gone through their
personal learning journey have gone on to build a business in Facebook um and with the
parents ok, we are quite happy to support them to do that.
>>Two of the students:>>And its actually really fun just sending
people theses um, you know these posts about information about like all our new stock and
everything that we’ve made. It gives you a sense of responsibility and growing up and
instead of just using it for one reason, you can use it for so many others.
>>Patti Cibich>>Classroom Teacher:
>>One of the other major benefits is its for used at home as well. So the children
are able to practice their Cyber Safety Skills, their net etiquette and things like that at
home under the supervision of their parents and its also skilling their parents, as to
how it fits to school and home. All with the premise that eventually when they go onto
the likes of Facebook, Twitter, the other social networks that are out there, that they’ve
learnt those skills, they know how to keep themselves safe online, they know what identity
to give out, how to keep their passwords safe etc. and to make those good choices.
>>Two of the students:>>If you want to post it have would you show
your grandma? (Other student laughs) yeah other wise don’t post it. (Student shakes

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