Using The Libraries’ Homepage

the library’s homepage is filled with
important tools that can help improve your research and writing first you will probably want to know
each library is located in the hours it is open you can find this information by
clicking the locations & hours like at the top of the homepage selected hours are also listed below the
discovery tool speakin of the discovery tool it allows
you to search multiple KU library databases as well as the catalog below that is a link to articles and
databases which is how you access a specific database to search the library catalog to allows you to
search all the library’s holdings these will mostly be books conclude
other forms of media as well more useful tools find on our home page
or subjecting course guides subdivision course guys are designed to
help you find resources for particular subject to courses they’re also tutorials the major
navigating the section finally he ask a librarian link is
especially helpful if you’re stuck in your research these other ways you can contact KU
libraries to ask for help you have any further questions click the
Ask a Librarian button on the library’s homepage for help

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