100 Replies to “Vero. The New Social Network Starting a Privacy Revolution.”

  1. Wonderful!!! I'm sad that I didn't find about Vero earlier…not because the prospect of Vero going to be a service you should pay for…but because it looks soooo cool to me !! 🙂 You got me hooked, I'll definitely going to make an account on VERO!!

  2. DONT GET IT!!!! When you post anything on there THEY HAVE RIGHTS to your stuff photos, songs, videos to sell them!!!! read the terms of service!!! THUMBS UP this comment to make it stay on top

  3. Can i use the plataform if i am a heterosexual white man? Because i saw the propaganda and now i am in doubt…

  4. Vero is just different as the goal is not to get everyone in, they want to keep a small number of users that prefer a real social interaction, unlike Facebook or Instagram that trying to get everyone on this planet join it's platform. So if Vero don't have a large number of user means they don't have to upgrade the server and spend a lot money on it. Vero also takes fee per transaction we made on the platform like buying clothes, t-shirt and everyone can sell their own product so this is so cool isn't it. A lot of people saying that Vero is the new Instagram but that was false. Vero never meant to be the next Instagram, the vision is different and how the app tailored is also different. You don't understand because you're so full of fake. God Bless You

  5. the TRUE STORY about it is, a billionaire paid tons of influencers to promote that buggy piece of crap.
    the TRUE STORY about it is, it exists since 2015 already and nobody gave a damn about it, till sheik boy pulled out his purse and paid all these influencers!
    the TRUE STORY about it is, that the CEO of VERO didnt pay 9000 philippino workers at his former construction company and they are homeless now
    the TRUE STORY about VERO is, its build on a sellout fake hype. and its 1000x worse than FB and instagram ever could be
    Everyone who seriously uses this app, is a sheep or got tricked. very shady business

  6. Just signed up! Love what I see so far… a bit glitchy but SO many people have signed up in a very short period of time. As a creative – photographer and vlogger – I'm hoping Vero has a very bright future. Love that there are no algorithms or ads!

  7. Great platform! Really think this is the future of social media, I've been so frustrated with the pay for growth approach now adopted by Instagram & Facebook.

  8. welp Vero was fun until i realized their CEO stopped paying salaries to 9,000 Filipino workers at his previous construction company rendering them essentially homeless and reliant on food donations. peace

  9. Social begins with transparency.
    Transparency begins with the source code.
    Social means to help and solve problems.
    Vero has nothing to do with social😂😭
    Do you really want a true social network?
    Think and Choose Human-Connection.org/en

  10. Please rise baby. I dont want feed with algorythm that decide instead of me what i would see. I want freedom from Zukerberg dictate. Go baby go

  11. by creating an account on vero. You sign in the vero policy, which means, vero will own your content for life. FOR LIFE. and you can do nothing about it. VERO another collection of your private data app. where you allowing it to us you, as your art, your pictures, your creativity. without even paying you for it. IT IS ANOTHER FB, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, AND SO ON AND SO ON APP. dont be dumb. or just read the .. ….. …. … small letters. c ya

  12. If you think Vero isn't taking a cut from sales on the platform, you're an idiot. Users are now the advertisers and buyers. Vero is just the middleman taking a slice and keeping quiet to themselves. Brilliant.

  13. Pretty useless. No Desktop or browser access = what a stupid decision! Whom do you wanna reach? Limit yourself to some smartphone kids? FB is successful because professionals can work on and with their networks there. Only a half-baked app is not good enough for me. Stupid confirmation with local phone numbers = fail for international people.

  14. I'm so sick and tired of the facebook management, and would LOVE an alternative! The facebook management is composed of uptight control freaks that treat users like dirt. Facebook is a money-hungry monster, and we – the users – are just cows to milk for them. It's not just the advertising; it's their whole attitude!

    A lot of people I know, incl. myself, have had stints in "facebook jail". They shoot first and ask questions later! Every excuse is good to block users' accounts: 1) refusing to compromise one's privacy by using one's real name; 2) posting a photo with (gasp!) a nipple; 3) sending "excessive" friend requests; 4) getting into an argument with someone, who reports you; 5) posting an ad every week to housing groups (never mind that the groups' admins had no problem with that!); 6) even allegedly "protecting" your account from alleged hacking.

    We're not their customers, so we have no clout. It's the advertisers who are their customers. We, the users, are just "merchandise" for them to sell us – as they indeed to!

    In addition to their ridiculous censorship, petty tyranny and gross invasion of privacy, the facebook management is hugely annoying with their TOTAL CONTROL-FREAK heavy-handedness. For example, you can specify that your News Feed be "Most Recent" instead of "Top Stories"… but it reverts to "Top Stories" all the time (I think, whenever you close a browser.) Or, if you try to enter your hometown, it forces you to choose from a list; if you want to just reveal your country of origin, but not your actual hometown, it won't let you. You want to enter the university you attended? You must enter the year! Even your RELIGION, if you want to specify that in your profile, you must choose from a list! Heaven forbid (no pun intended) that you want to explain your religion your own way, without resorting to simplistic labels!

    Why don't they just go f- themselves???

    I installed ADBLOCK PLUS, a free browser extension (available for Firefox and Chrome.) It manages to block several of the ads on Facebook 🙂 But I'll be happiest when a new, less evil company, steps in and replaces Facebook – just like Facebook replaced MySpace (remember?) years ago.

    I just want a convenient way to stay in touch with my friends – without the BS of the Evil Management of facebook!

    Sooner or later, the "dust will settle" (maybe a celebrity endorsement, plus good features), and new company with finally de-throne that disgusting platform that is Facebook!

    Whether it's Vero, or https://MeWe.com/ or someone else – I can't wait for that day! I'll throw a #deletefacebook party!!!!

  15. I like the line about creating a more social network with the shot of a girl sitting alone on a step as people walk past. But hey, I'll give it a shot, I like the aesthetic look of it.

  16. "Super simpler" Nothing is simple in this app, this will never work. People are dumb, even if some cool guys start using it and some sheep follow them, they will never manage to like most than the simpler app they use before.

  17. Estimados quisiera, saber en que paises se usa más Vero, que tiempo tiene esta Red y donde tienen más incidencia… y si estan en Latinoamerica…

  18. I whish you all the luck with your product. but still, I think for a social media to gather people, it needs to be revolutionizing in one way or an other, sure you will get the early adoptors. but to go from there to reach the big masses will be very hard, then the early adoptors will get tired aswell cause noone is using it. Google plus was exactly the same idea "everything is new without anything that is actually new". I have also been thinking of creating a social media, but then it WILL be something that is really revolutionizing

  19. I really love Vero social app, especially the part where you can organically see the post, not dictated by the BS algorithm.
    All hail new king! 😀

  20. I still don't understand why so many hate for this new Vero app… it look sleek and especially now when working without problem

  21. People complaining about privacy yet they don't check what do they get in package when downloading FBmessenger – just check user agreements.

  22. Beautiful interface, love the dark theme, IMHO way better then gram,it's waiting for more users to hop on it

  23. Vero is a great alternative to Facebook! love the interface and it's very visual. In my channel I made a video of alternatives to Facebook and Vero is the first.

  24. I think it's best to add a VERO STORIES feature. It will help us connect with other vero users too. It'll be attractive to users

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  30. I really like the app. Would be nice if you guys could add the option to share/listen to music via Spotify, though. Not all of us have Apple Music.

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