Video 048 What info is on the KE2 Evap’s Home Page (FAQ: on Walkin Coolers, Walk in Freezers)

Hello my name is Ryan Kliethermes with KE2
Therm Solutions. In this video I want to show you some of the
information that’s available from the webpages of the KE2 Evaporator Efficiency controller. While this video will specifically show the
KE2 Evap webpage, all of our Ethernet enabled controllers, like the KE2 Evap for Rack Efficiency
and KE2 Controlled Environment provide similar ability to control and communicate. Step one is to connect to the controller,
either directly, through the Internet, or using a KE2 WiFi Service Tool. Access the controller�s Home Page by selecting
the controller on the KE2 Smart Access Portal or by entering the controller�s IP Address
in your web browser�s search bar. This will bring you directly to the Home Page
of that controller. On the Home Page, let�s start at the top.
On the left is contact information which can be personalized for the service contractor
or end user. You�ll learn more about how to do this on the Settings page in a subsequent
video. To the right of this, in the black space we
see the IP address and Mac Address for the controller. Additionally further to the right,
is the Location. The Location should be set to provide important identifying information.
For example: Produce Cooler � Evaporator 1. This will also be done on the Settings
page Further down on the Home Page we see the icons
for the sixteen different variables that provide a general overview of the controller�s current
performance state. The first line under each icon is the name
of the function that is being displayed, in this case System Mode. and the second line is the current system
performance. As you see, for this controller the system is currently in Refrigerate Mode. Further to the right, the Home Page shows
if there are any messages or alarms. On the bottom right of the page, a message
displays the number of Active Users that are on the controller�s webpage. Multiple users can view a controller at the
same time which can be helpful when diagnosing system issues. And, lastly, along the bottom of the page
are the buttons for accessing the other webpages of the controller. They are
Settings, Network, Setpoints, and Graphs We encourage you to view our videos that look
more closely at these other webpages. That�s a general overview of the Home page
of the KE2 Evaporator Efficiency controller, and the tip of the iceberg when it comes to
the amount of information and control you have when accessing to with the KE2 Evap�s
webpages. For more information please visit our website
or contact our tech support line.

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