Web Hosting And Domain Names Explained For Beginners

This is another video in a series showing
you how to build a real estate website using WordPress. And in this video we’re going to take a look
at the topic of domain names and web hosting. What are they and what purpose do they serve? So this video is really for the beginners
out there who are just starting out with WordPress or even just starting out with their very
first website ever and really aren’t familiar with how to build a website. We’re going to show you the very basics of
what a domain name is … what web hosting is and how they work together. OK let’s get started. Your business has a physical street address. 123 My Street. OK. And it’s in a particular town. So if you think of your website as your online
representation of your business, then the address for your your online business is going
to be the domain name. So for example, mysite.com. That’s what people punch into the address
bar of their browser and it takes them to the address. And to continue on that analogy, if the building
where your business is housed is at that particular address then that building is your web hosting. So your web site is comprised of a whole bunch
of different files and these files contain computer programming code called PHP. There’s no reason for you to know anything
about PHP or the programming code or it have to go into these files for any reason. But all of these files have to sit on a computer
somewhere and that computer is called a server. And it can hold tens and thousands or hundreds
of thousands of websites just like yours. So when someone punches in your address they
then go through cyberspace and they’re taken to that website server or to that server and
all the files are there and the files make your site appear when someone puts in the
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