Webdesigner oder Online-Marketer in Panama oder weltweit werden? Ich zeige dir wie’s geht!

Hello everybody! Here’s another video and today I would like to show you my company, my business here in Panama. Yeah, and we’re already here… … this is my business. This table and the two devices is everything I need to make a living here in Panama. And Iam not even talking about YouTube… This youtube channel you’re watching the video on is actually just a hobby of mine, and I only want to help people with it. And today I have an offer for you, or a top offer for all people who want to do something like me here. Okay It is easier said than done, Well, Is started creating websites… .. I am creating websites by the way, and not any making money or get rich quick websites or Landing pages with any fishing offers or Ebooks or Affiliate and all of that, I also do these things, but just as a hobby I have a media designer training with German IHK degree And I create and program WEBSITES mainly with the content management system TYPO3 on my website:simon-koehler.com you can see also something about it However, my main customers are not on the website but only my direct clients, because my main clients are not the end-client they are mostly agencies that hire me, well…. Before I spit out big numbers here about how much can you earn and bla bla.. As a web designer you can generally generate a 4-5 digit monthly income with ease. This also works in Germany, but as we all know already, the government takes half of it or even more. Whatever, whether you’re carrying it or not we are living in Panama and so we will talk about Panama. I’ve been involved with creating websites for about 17 years, to be at the level I have now In the beginning there were no mobile devices, there was still Flash those who know a little bit, who know what I mean At the time, I was one of the few flash experts in Germany At some point I had to swing because the mobile devices came and Flash didn’t work anymore That’s why I specialize in TYPO3, which is also my personal passion. So, and here we are at the point: If you already have some experience with websites, if you already running your own website If you’re interested in programming, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and all these things.. If you like this and at the same time you’re interested in moving to Panama and having am income with the mentioned services the send me a message okay, I can coach you, I can train you, I can show you in very short time how you will find clients how to keep clients how to find clients how you can generate clients autmatically with your website, and so on… I’m really an experienced old hand, as far as that goes And I like to give you my time, which I have left here in Panama more as someone in Germany. At that time in Germany, I was permanently stressed I was permanently burned out…. I had several burn outs in Germany simply because the burden is much too high there So, if you are interested in a personal coaching with me, regarding TYPO3 or webdesign in general, or even PHP, I can teach you basically all of that Send me an email to: [email protected] Or just visit my website: www.simon-koehler.com/en/ click on contact and use the contact form, if you like I’m looking forward to people who are interested in something like that By the way, at this point very briefly I am also interested in business partnerships. People who are at my level, or even higher, whatever… … feel like coming here to Panama and making a big wave tax-free. Because that’s really the main argument here You start a business, and all revenue from other countries except Panama is tax-free! Within Panama, of course, if you live here, you pay off a salary from your company If this salary does not exceed $ 11,000 a year, it is also tax-free! From $ 11,000, 15% tax is payable From $ 50,000 salary per year, 25% tax will apply. compared to Germany, a complete JOKE So Panama is the ultimate paradise for web designers or aspiring web designers And there is one here who can show the people exactly what they need to know to reach their target. Alright? [email protected]
I look forward to your inquiries, Saludos!

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