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Are people trying to get in touch
with you, but you’re not listening? That’s the topic of Today’s Tip Tuesday. {Upbeat Music} Hi. I’m Ingrid Moyle from Heart Harmony
Communications and today we’re going to be looking at a really, really common mistake that a lot of
businesses make – small and large. When was the last time you
checked your contact form? I mean actually filled in
the details and hit send? One of the things that we see is that
contact forms stop working for a whole stack of reasons. It could be that they were never
configured correctly in the first place. Quite often we see that a wrong email
that the contact form is to go to and it’s heading off to the web designer and not
to the actual client because they didn’t fix it once they actually made it go live. I see a lot of problems with caching
plugins designed to speed up a website. Sometimes that breaks a contact form: particularly pop-up forms
it can cause problems with. I also see problems with those
little captchas, you know, the numbers that you put in at the bottom
to try and stop spam – that can cause problems with sending. Or it could just be problems with
the actual hosting themselves. So sometimes your mail gets
through – sometimes it doesn’t, and you don’t know unless you test it. So one of the things to do at least once
a month or once every couple of months, is to go into your website
and test your contact forms. Send yourself an email, make
sure the forms are working, because you never know. You might be
losing customers and not even realizing. So there you go. That’s our Tip Tuesday and it’s Ingrid
Moyle from Heart Harmony Communications. Have a brilliant week! {Upbeat Music}

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