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Hi, I’m Lori. I’m Carina. And today we are at Build It workspace, and we are going to talk about what a maker space is and what to expect the first time you visit one. Here at the maker space I am the main Engineering consultant; my background is Mechanical Engineering and Fashion Design So I can help people with both the technical and creative aspects of making… Stuff! So now we are going to sit her down and grill her with a whole bunch of questions. So a maker space is a physical location for you to have access to tools and machines to take an idea from your mind to a physical object. Absolutely! Maker spaces become a hub, really, for people who have an idea in their head and are ready to go to the next level but don’t necessarily know how. Everybody, just be curious. We’ve taught eight year old’s how to do coding and we’ve taught seventy year old’s how to do 3D design. Generally there are a couple different types of maker spaces There’s non-profit community based maker spaces… You’ll find maker spaces like this one that is a business location and this one works by paying a monthly membership fee and with that membership fee you will have access to tools, machines, our knowledge, and space to make your projects. Maker space are extremely important for people to be able to have access to machines that they wouldn’t have access to in their own homes. I find maker spaces to be places that you can come in and interact with other people of like mind you can bounce ideas off each other. You start in one place and end up in a completely different location but it’s probably ten times more awesome than it was when you started. A networking environment also, and we host all kinds of events for people to do that specifically. We’ve hosted the Society of Women Engineers, we’ve hosted a quilting group, we’ve hosted Boy Scouts. We’re purposefully making it so people come in and talk and not just to use the machines, but to develop ideas. For somebody who has never been to a maker space, I would try to go if the have an open house event. We try and do show and tell events, so that people can see not just the machines but what other people are making and how they are using the technology to make their projects. But, if this is your first time to a maker space, just take it in, give yourself time. That’s one of the biggest points is don’t try to go to a maker space when you only have 30 minutes, there’s… there’s not much you are going to see in thirty minutes. Walk around, there going to see the sights, just come in; relax. Come in curious. Talk to people. This is a social environment, it’s made to be interactive. It depends on the maker space; in this maker space we have quite a bit of technology. We have lasers, we have 3D printers, we have CNC machines, so.. You can learn the tech. You can learn the design aspects of it, we can go even more basic than that. We do have a lot of crafters, we hosted a quilting group We have machines that you can cut fabric, you don’t have to sit there and and cut hundreds of squares You can do it on a machine and it will even draw seam lines for you. So crafters come in we have jewelery makers, we have machines to do chocolate molds. You can do personalized chocolate molds. We have had projects from low tech to very, very, high tech. Come make stuff! I want to put up there “Just make it!” at this point… I’ve been trying to get people interested in making things And there is such a world of difference between people who make stuff and people who don’t… And… You don’t know until you’ve made it. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a crocheted blanket, it doesn’t matter if its cards, or if it’s robotics. It’s the same thought process, you just need to make it. You want to feel comfortable, if you’re not comfortable you are not going to be as creative. Initially you may be a little intimidated by the technology. Try to ignore the technology initially; just get a feel for the space, See if you like the people that are there See if you like the way its laid out. Ask questions about tools besides just the 3D printers and lasers. Ask about basic things… Do you have rulers, do you have pencils. Go for the utility things you know you are going to need. So last but not least. We want to say thank you to Carina, for hosting us today and answering all our questions for what it’s like for your first time at a maker space and what it is and what to expect. We were talking about it earlier and they have a bunch of different pieces of equipment including… We have CNC, we have lasers, we have 3D printers. All different type of machine to make all different types of projects. So check out the website we are going to link it below. Take a look at the equipment they have and let us know what you would like to see in the comments and we will come back and actually feature whatever piece of equipment is the most popular and do a video on how to use it and what basically the specs on it are. And if you are in the area, which is generally… Long Beach, Los Alamitos Stop by the Build It workspace, and if you aren’t here consider taking a trip to your local maker space. You can probably find it online and on the website there is actually a place where you can put in your zip code and find one that’s near you. So for this week it’s Lori form Maker High signing off and I will see you in the next video. Bye! Bye!

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  1. I enjoyed the video – presentation was great and the speaker made me feel comfortable.  As she said, that's key to the creative process.  I'd like to hear how you make people feel at ease when they first visit a makerspace.  Good luck with the MakerHigh series.  

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