What is Inspect Element & How to use for editing Webpage | Urdu/Hindi

For more updates Subscribe the Channel and Click the Bell Button Thank you In the name of of Allah the Merciful assalamu alaikum. today i will show you how to use Inspect element tool in google chrome with this tool you can see and edit HTML and CSS of web-page First of all, open the website as i opened the Google.com Click the three vertical dots icon Hover over More Tools after More Tools see here its Developer Tool Click on it or press CTRL+Shift+I for opening Developer Tool i pressed the buttons so i pressed and see on the right side its the Developer Tool after that all the coding is on the right side whatever you want to edit go there and right click as this is Saudi Arabia and i want to edit this and want to type something else so i right clicked on it and see here its Inspect again Click on Inspect or press CTRL+Shift+I so here i Clicked through the mouse on Inspect see on the right side the word you selected you can see it in the coding edit the word whatever you want to write as i am writing here i double clicked on it and am typing and i wrote here “ALHAMDULILLAH” and and simultaneously its changed to ALHAMDULILLAH any edit you make will only appear on your personal screen and last until you exit out meaning, you are not making any permanent changes to a website its only temporary adjust if you print it am closing the CSS and am printing it. CTRL+P and see its google and at the end its the same edited page and mentioned ALHAMDULILLAH if i close the page and open again there will be Saudi Arabia again so this was the way of using Inspect Element in google chrome if the video was useful to you then please Like the video and if any question please write in Comment Box and Subscribe the Channel for future updates Thank you Allah Hafiz

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