Why An Oostas Website?

– Hi, my name is Adam Kirk, owner of Oostas Web and Marketing. In this video, I’m going to give you our elevator pitch for the
custom website package. We’ll cover who our websites are a good fit for, who they aren’t meant for, and how they truly
benefit small businesses. Since you’re watching this video, you probably already understand the importance of small
businesses having a website. You’re probably also aware
of the endless options out there, ranging from free websites to companies that charge
tens of thousands of dollars. So, how can you find a good
option for your business, and is Oostas a good fit? I’m glad you asked. We believe our website
package is a great fit for many small businesses
because we’ve taken time to listen to the needs of the
average small business owner. And then, we built a
package around those needs without breaking the budget. Yet, we realized that every
small business is unique, and we’re not a perfect fit for everyone. So, let’s take a look at six things that make an Oostas website unique. Number one, our websites
aren’t template designs. Oostas websites are fully custom, meaning we build a website that is unique to your business. Sure, we’ll show you
designs in the beginning to get an idea of what you like. But when it comes to the design phase, we listen carefully to the
needs of your business, and then we build a website aimed at producing results for you. An Oostas website, number two,
costs more than $30 a month. Our websites are designed
for the small business who has enough of a budget to take their online presence seriously, and are ready to get serious results. Number three, our websites
aren’t tens of thousands of dollars either. If you compare an Oostas website package with that of our competition, you’ll see that they generally charge upwards of eight to $10,000. We are significantly less than that and still producing incredible results. Number four, so how can
we cost so much less than our competition? The website platform we use,
Duda, is built for speed. Duda websites load fast, are quick to get noticed by search engines and are easy to develop. Our designers can build a website on Duda that performs better than a WordPress site in nearly half the time. Number five, but an Oostas website isn’t completed in a week either. There are multiple phases to
building a custom website. We start by listening to
the needs of your business, and then take time to research you and your competition. We craft a unique strategy
for your business, write your content, and only after that do
we begin the design. Number six, once your website goes live, we don’t stop there. Every quarter, a member of the Oostas team will do a thorough review of your website, making sure it’s working properly, and giving you a call to go over the analytics for your website. That way, you automatically stay on top of how your business
website is performing, and receive regular suggestions
on how to improve things as time goes on. If you’re looking for a reputable
web and marketing company who truly cares about your business enough to do all of that, then Oostas is a good fit for you. We’ll take care of you, listen to your needs, and walk you through the process of getting
an outstanding website for your business that
actually produces results. Give us a call today and get the website that
your business deserves. (upbeat music)

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