Why use Web Chat on Your Estate or Letting Agency Website

hello everyone, Nelly Berova
here from Art Division. You may already know that we offer bespoke as well as
templated websites built in WordPress and one of the most common questions we get asked by our clients is how we can increase the conversions from those
websites, so recently we decided to partner with a business who provides
managed web chats and today I have a Bertie Horne from CommVersion and I
would like to ask him a few questions about the service that he provides which
I believe will be a great benefit to all of our clients as well as anyone else
out there who runs an estate or letting agency and would like to increase their
conversions via their websites. So, Bertie, hi, how are you, could you tell me
a little bit more about the business? Who is CommVersion and exactly what is it
that you’re offering? Yeah of course at CommVersion we offer managed
live web chat so our teams are available 24/7 every day of the year, as Nelly said it’s a great way of increasing web leads, so our
clients typically see between 30 to 50 percent increase in web leads so as a
tool on the market is sort of one of the only tools I’m aware of that has that
impact and when clients see such a good and high return on investment. Can you tell me why CommVersion? yeah I mean put simply we offer a very
high level service at a competitive price and I think that’s evident when
you look at our clients which include brands such as with JLL, CBRE
Marsh & Parsons, Douglas and Gordon to name a few in the real estate sector but
also we offer a unique way in which we charge so we’re able to charge on a
pay per lead model and essentially what that means is obviously our interests
are aligned with our clients and they only pay for when we provide them with
leads. Oh, that’s amazing so can you share with us approximately how much do you
charge per lead? So in terms are charges it depends on obviously clients
web traffic, but roughly you’d be looking around £10 per lead.
That’s amazing Can you tell us
what exactly is a lead? Is a tenant requesting more information about a
property a lead or is a landlord a lead? what do you define as a lead? So for real estate for example typically we define a lead as a buyer, a seller, a landlord or tenant along with their contact details and the chat transcript so
you’ll be able to see the conversation they’ve had with our team and obviously
as an agent you we’ll be able to pick that up and make the next contact or take it to the next stage. How easy is it to set up? Do people have to pay anything to set it all up? Does it take a very long time to set up?
what’s involved? yeah, so setup is very quick and we don’t charge any setup
fees and we do most of the work on it so in terms of what it involves
so we create a bespoke chat matrix to each business which is essentially a
list of FAQ’s and how they want us to answer obviously the chat and we take
clients advice on that. We also tailor the chat widget so that it fits
within the brand in terms of colouring, designs, and everything like that and
then we send the code to your web developer to yourself to install so in
terms of what the client has to do it’s very straight forward and as I said we
do most of the hard work for them Fantastic! One final question, how can
estate or letting agents purchase the chat from you, what’s the next step
you someone wants to proceed? well obviously if they are clients of yours already we’re able to integrate it very easily and we’ll send you the code to install on
their behalf but if you’re a client with website elsewhere, then please get in
touch if you’re looking to implement live web chat we’d love to have a
conversation with you. Thank you very much Bertie, nice talking to you
and everyone else if you have any questions, if you’re looking for a new
website or would like to enquire a bit more about this fantastic web chat
function and actually acquire or generate a lot more leads in 2020 please
get in touch we’ll be happy to help you! Thanks for
watching and all the best, thank you

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