Wix Website SEO Tips | How To Rank Your Wix Website In Google, Yahoo and Bing

how to rank your Wix website so
that it appears more visible in search engines such as Google Yahoo and Bing. Hi
guys it’s Sam day here from deytips.com and in this video I’m going to be
showing you how to optimize your Wix website so that it appears more
visible in search engines such as Google Yahoo and Bing. So let’s get straight
into it I’m going to log in to my computer now so this video is going to
help you towards taking a few steps closer towards ranking your website your
Wix website in search engines such as Google Yahoo and Bing now the very first
thing you’re gonna want to do is actually head over to the Google Keyword
tool now you can find this simply by going to Google and typing in Google
keywords tool and you all you’ll need to register for this is a gmail account so
if you already have a gmail account you can use that to log in if you don’t have
a gmail account just set one up really quickly and like I said go to Google
type in Google Keyword tool and this will be the very first thing that shows
up once you get an account and you sign in you’re going to want to go to tools
and find the keyword planner tool and the reason why we’re here first before
we even go into Wix com is because if we want to rank your Wix website in Google
you need to know what keywords you want to actually use or what keywords you
want people to find you with on Google so for example you might want people to
find you if you’re own your own consulting services maybe you give
people advice or consulting about how to play tennis, then you know you might
want to type tennis consultant in here. and what you can do is once you type it
in there you couldn’t get ideas and once you click get ideas then Google will
actually tell you how many people per month are actually typing in that
specific search term. So as you can see I clicked search and I clicked keyword
ideas and it will tell me that you know ten people a month are typing in that
specific search term so although I might be able to rank in Google for that
search term when someone types in tennis consultant only ten people a month for
typing it in so that might not generate a lot of business for me but then I can
go down here which is the relevance you know related keywords and let’s say for
example I search by average monthly searches then I can actually find you
know like Reddit tennis venue Williams Venus Williams boy well these might not
be the keywords you want to rank for but these are keywords that you might you
might find one keyword that is relevant to what you do tennis coaching courses
that might be something that you do and you know you might want to rank your
website for that. So I would say very first thing to do is to come to the
Google keywords tool find out what keywords people are actively searching
for and try and match them up with what keywords you’re trying to get your
website to rank for. So the second thing you’re going to want to do is actually
I’m actually on a a Wix website now as you can see this is a draft website that
I have the second thing you want to do is go into your Wix website and edit it
so I’m actually an editing feature here on Wix go up here to where it says site.
I’m gonna click down here where it says site settings and you will find a bunch of options so
the first I’m actually an overview so the first settings is site basics. So
here you select your site name now your site name can be one of two things
either your site name could be search engine rich which means whatever
keywords you want to rank for in Google let’s say you wanted to rank for tennis
lessons then you might want to make your site named tennis lessons.
That will help your site to rank better in google for that specific search term
however you know it might be advisable for you to actually make your site name
whatever your company name is because it’s also important for you to rank your
company name in Google as well when someone searches for your company if
your if your company was tennis academy or whatever it is then it might be
important for you to get your actual company company name ranked in Google as
well so if you want your company name ranked in Google then you might not want
to put a necessarily a keyword term here you might just want to put your company
name here. Your site address the same thing here now must this site is
unpublished but when you register your domain name with Wix or with whatever
other web domain registration company you use you might want to use a keyword
rich title so for example again if you wanted to rank for tennis lessons you
might want to have a domain name like www tennis lessons calm or www.tennislessons.com
or .co.uk or something like that. And the same thing
like why I said a site name if you have a company name then you’re not going to
want to do that you’re going to want to register the URL of whatever your
company name actually is. The second thing I want to come down here to you
guys to see is SEO so you can see in here it says SEO and the SEO settings
are very first thing the most important thing in terms of ranking your website
your Wix website in the search engine this is most important than anything
you’re going to learn in this video is this actual thing here and as you can
see it’s ticked right now it says allow search engines to
your site in search results if you come here and you tick this NSX then no
matter how much keyword research you do or how much SEO you do on your site your
website is not going to rank it’s not going to be indexed in Google Yahoo and
Bing because you’re telling the web you’re telling the search engines to not
include your website so if you if you wanted your website not to be included
in the search engines then you’ll click this as X so definitely make sure that
this is always clicked on the part on the plus on the tick sign the green tick
sign if you want your website to be found in Google. Now another thing you’re
gonna gonna want to do down here is where it says more SEO settings you’re
going to want to actually tell Google and Yahoo those are the two major search
engines and Bing as well you’re going to want to tell those search engines that
your website exists if they know that your website exists then they’re gonna
come and they’re going to index your website they’re going to read through it
and they’re going to look there they’re gonna want to index it so what you’re
going to want to do is firstly let’s talk about Google so you’re going to
want to go go to Google again and type in the search bar Google Webmaster Tools
in Google and the first thing that comes up is going to be what’s known as your
webmasters tools account so once you go to or you can also go to google.com four
slash webmasters and when you log when you register for an account you will see
this homepage and as you can see my my websites are here I’ve got two web sites
registered here but they’re the same web site the reason being is because Google
sees these as different web sites even though they’re the same website so you
can see I’ve got deytips.com without the www. and I’ve also got the www.deytips.com and that’s because you need to register both the www. and the non www.
otherwise Google will think that they’re two different websites and that’s
important for SEO as well so when you come into here what you’re going to want
to do is add a property because you’re not going to have web sites here so
you’re going to want to click add a property and whatever the domain name of
your website is so before you do this I’d recommend
having a premium account for Wix so that you have a URL so
whatever your website is if it’s www.learntennis.com or whatever it is
you’re going to want to click continue and when you click continue it’s going
to take you to this page where you have to verify your ownership so once you’ve
done that it’s going to take you to this page and you’re going to need to click
on alternative methods to verify that this is actually your website and then
go to HTML tag copy this tag that you see here and then go back to where we
were so go back to here where it says header code type it in here and then
literally all you have to do is click verify back in your Google Webmaster
Tools account. Now you can do the exact same thing with Yahoo and Bing so if you
want your website to also appear in Yahoo and in Bing then you go to
Google again and you can type in the ‘Bing webmasters tools’ and sign up for a
Bing Webmaster Tools account and it’s literally the same you can add a website
add your URL and you’re going to want to find that code again that we found in
Google the same way we found it and then come back here into the header code and
entire it here as well. So another thing that’s going to be important for the
search engine optimization of your Wix website is actually the way you
format your content so for example if I click on this text file here and I click
edit text you can actually edit the theme of the
text and this is important for search engine optimization so let’s say this is
my home page and I wanted to add this hearing is believing as my site title
now if that’s my site title then Google’s going to see that as an
important keyword for my website so I’m going to want to well it’s going to be
advisable for me to put and keywords whatever I’m trying to rank this website
for to put relevant keywords in the site title and as you can see it says h1 and
that’s the h1 tag so I’m going to want to use that as a h1 tag for my site
title as well when you’re creating the other pages of your website you might
want to use page titles if you have a title for your specific page that might
say one one page of your website you might want to rank for sports lessons or
whatever it is then sports lessons should be in your h2 tag or in one of
these tags your h1 tag go in your h2 tag and your H3 tags, Google sees those
tags as important words so make sure that you use those and you put your
important keywords that you want to rank for in some sort of
H tag now that being said it still needs to make sense. Your content still needs
to make sense so for example if the word ‘believing’ was a keyword I was trying to
rank for in Google then I wouldn’t just put every single time I use the word
believing I wouldn’t just put it in an h1 tag or in an h2 tag but I would put
the title in a h1 tag and then know if I if I have content down here I
wouldn’t put this necessarily in a h1 tag I can use this as a normal
theme so normal a normal paragraph use that as but then if I have a subheading
so if that was one paragraph and then I had another subheading which also said
h’ow to believe’ or something like that ‘how to believe’ then I can actually use
that again as as a you know it’s a huge heading or as
another h1 basically so you don’t want to just randomly put h1 tags you want
the content to actually be you know as if someone’s reading it as well it can’t
you’re not just writing for search engines you’re actually writing for
human beings as well so don’t just try and litter your content with h1 tags and
don’t try and litter your content with keywords write for humans first and then
write for search engines. now another thing that you’re going to want to do is
actually add a blog to your Wix website now Wix makes this fairly easy for you
to do you literally come over here to add and then go down here to blog and
then you add a blog so I’m actually going to go over to here because I’ve
done this a little bit earlier before and you can see this is a blog that I’ve
added to my Wix website and a blog basically is a section of your website
where you can update the content on your website
frequently and search engines love this search engines love websites that are
updated frequently if you just make a website and you just leave it there and
you expect it to rank in Google for the keywords that you want it just doesn’t
work like that you have to be committed to updating your website on a regular
basis and regularly posting blog posts now what you’re going to want
to do is once you set up your blog whenever you want to add a new post just
click here on add new post and each of the blog posts that you produce is
another opportunity for you to rank in search engines so for example before you
start writing a blog post this might be blog post one but whatever whatever
keywords are trying to rank for you’re going to want that to be the title so
obviously every single blog post that you do is not going to have the same
title you’re going to have different titles and again you can use the Google
Keyword planner here as well here to find keywords to write for your blog
post but yeah whatever keywords you are trying to rank this particular blog
post for you’re going to want to have that keyword in your title
your author name you can put your name in here so whatever your name is Sam Dey
and then you can start writing your blog post and you can see up here it
says you can add images and you can add a gallery and you can add video now
I highly recommend that you add images and that you add video to your blog
posts reason being is because search engines like content that have images
and video so it just kind of shows that it’s a human actually writing the blog
post and it’s not a robot and it also kind of it helps you as well to have
multimedia on your blog post. Another important thing to note is the tags down
here so whatever keywords you’re trying to rank for for this particular blog
post then add it down here in your tag. So if I was trying to rank this
keyword for the word ‘blog’ then I’ll put blog then I can put comma and you can
see it comes down here and I can add other tags as well
now wix.com actually has this really cool SEO wizard and monitoring tool and
i’m going to leave a link to this tool in the description below this video but
literally you can choose what website you want to to monitor type what key
phrase you are trying to rank for so whatever it is let’s say I’m trying to
rank for blog and you can run a report and get the report of how well your
website is actually doing in search engines now if you are running an
e-commerce store which basically means you’re selling products from your Wix
store then I’ll highly recommend actually I’m
optimizing each of your products as well for search
so whatever when you click on managing your products you can
give your product a name so for example these are just headphones is a
default set in here you might want to put headphones and
then whatever keywords are trying to rank for you might want to put a comma
or something and put those those keywords in there so red headphones or
something if you wanted to show up in Google for red headphones then you could
put the word red headphones here and then you can write an article related to
red headphones like I said in your blog
want to write a blog article and then link back to to this page because that
means when people find that article or that blog post in search engines then
then they can actually read it and then click back to this this page where you’re selling your red headphones and
that’s a great way to do search engine optimization and to get more sales to
your ecommerce store also what you’re going to want to do is use this
description here to put keywords in whatever keywords are trying to rank for
in Google then put them in don’t be lazy with your description because if you’re
lazy with it then you probably won’t you know be able to rank this this
particular item well in search so whatever keywords you’re trying to rank
put them in here and don’t stuff it but be natural with it maybe add it two or
three times within the description. But make this as let make this
description as lengthy as possible maybe 200 or 300 words but you know make sure you
add spaces and make sure you make it easy to read but yeah that might be one
thing that you want to do as well now there are a lot of other things that you
can do including back linking your website, social sharing and just
a bunch of other things that you can do with your Wix website to
improve your search engine optimization and the presence of your website on
search engines so that draws a closed to this quite lengthy video on
search engine optimization for your Wix website now there’s a lot more stuff
that I could go in in-depth about and I may do a part two to this video so if
you want a part two to this video then make sure you leave a comment in the
comment section down below and I will follow this video up with a part two so
hopefully this video helped to get you a step closer towards optimizing your Wix
com website for search engines such as Google Yahoo and Bing if it did then
please click the like button down below if you have any additional comments or
questions then please leave them for me in the comment section but until next
time make sure you subscribe to my channel for more useful content because
I will actually be doing a follow-up video to this so it’s likely that I will
be doing a follow-up due to this and make sure you subscribe
for that but until next time have a great day and I’ll see you soon

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