WordPress Website Maintenance with Michel Hales

Did you know that WordPress is the most popular
website building platform. It currently powers over 34% of all websites on the web. It is also open-source code which means anyone
can change or create code for WordPress. 61% of all infected WP websites are out of date. Is your WordPress website up to date? First, you must know there is no 100% guaranteed
way to secure a WordPress website. And, there are ways to minimize your risk. Even if your website is small and you don’t think
it is significant to hackers, your site is vulnerable. See, your website is not necessarily hacked by a person. There are computer programs that search the
Internet for sites with vulnerabilities. Hackers use these out of date sites to redirect
visitors, spread viruses, or even to mine bitcoin. Think about what would happen if you didn’t
update your phone’s software for a couple of months. You phone may not work properly, it may slow
down, among other things. Your WordPress website is in the same situation. I offer a comprehensive maintenance package
for $99 a month which includes: WordPress core updates, plugin and theme updates, security and malware scans, all with a secured cloud-based back up. Your business is running on the world wide web. You want a safe, fast and world class interaction
with your clients. Ideally Digital’s maintenance package for
$99 is your best bet to keep your sales rolling in. Contact me today to schedule your live one-on-one evaluation of your website. While I am doing my best you can watch exactly
what’s going on on your website. Schedule your appointment today. I am looking forward to be a part of your
business success!

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