Work Remotely as a Web Developer in Vancouver, BC!

Hi my name is Nathan Wawruck and I’m a recruiter in the Vancouver marketplace specializing in technology placements. Today I want to tell you about a really cool career opportunity with one of my clients This is an opportunity to join their company as a software developer and one of the unique factors about this is that they are open for the person to work as a Remote Software Engineer. So for people who would prefer to work from a home office and are ok with the notion of working remotely it could be a great opportunity. The company itself is a software-as-a-service company and they have customers all over North America and they’re looking to add one or even possibly two software engineers to the team. Their technology stack is leaning towards modern web frameworks and modern JavaScript frameworks, so it could chance to learn and develop on new tools and technologies, and the company is very progressive when it comes to using new stuff. Compensation and benefits are, I would say, about average. And combined with the opportunity to work remotely it’s a great opportunity for someone. So if this has piqued your interest and you’d like to talk more about it get in touch with me on my email address on the screen here great thanks very much!

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