Work the Room: EAGB in London

[Liz] Hello, I am going to say good morning, I feel like I need to say good morning! [Cheryl] No, you can’t say that. [Liz] No, I can’t say good morning. Hello, my name is Liz Robins and I am @thepayrollqueen. [Cheryl] Hello, and I am Cheryl and I am @londonwebgirl. So this week we want to talk about the EAGB meeting that we went to last week. [Both] Giggles [Cheryl] We had a really great time it was networking but we came away with really big smiles. [Liz] We did. The Venue. [Cheryl] Here we go… [Liz] The Venue! [Cheryl] Will start with the Venue.. [Liz] Will start with the Venue.. I like to start with the Venue. It’s a good place to start. [Cheryl] Absolutely! So we actually met before hand at The Savoy. [Liz] My old stopping ground. [Cheryl] Yeah, when Liz was a Chef. But that’s for another day.. So we met there. [Liz] So the location for us was perfect. Beautiful surroundings easy to get to Charring Cross Station up the road. I think it’s Temple and you can walk And you have got Covent Garden…perfect. And buses I am assuming but I don’t really get on a bus often. [Cheryl] Thanks for that! [Liz] That’s okay – just saying… or a black cab. But London, West End. [Cheryl] Yeah it was great. So as we walked in we were greeted with big smiles and they introduced us to people straight away. I felt really welcomed by the group of people. I had a smile from the get go really! [Liz] Yeah, it was really good. And then you have a little chitchat for half an hour and then they did something call the Mikado. That was pretty cool wasn’t it. [Cheryl] It was, so it’s when somebody comes in that’s not in the networking group. A trainer or a mentor and they do a little… [Liz] Ice breaker. [Cheryl] Yeah [Liz] And how to help each other with business. [Both] Yup! [Cheryl] And at the end they had a white board. Probably going in to too much detail but basically they asked the group if anyone if looking for anyone in particular. [Liz] We thought that was a really good touch. Really good. [Cheryl] We are going to steal it. [Liz] We are going to steal it for Work the Room. [Both] Giggles. [Liz] We then went in for lunch. It was very nice. I don’t think we should go in to too much detail about how we entered and everything else. But it was a beautiful lunch a beautiful setting. [Cheryl] Actually we didn’t take any photographs as we were probably having too much of a good time. [Liz] You did take a photo of the table. So you can put that on here… and she will now… We then had announcements in-between starters. [Cheryl] The Queen. [Both] Yeah it was great. [Cheryl] Again this one was both women and men. [Liz] Yes. [Cheryl] Lovely balance I can’t stress how welcoming they were. [Liz] There was about 30 people which is good for an August event. [Cheryl] It’s usually about 60 [Liz] Yup between 50 to 60. [Cheryl] I don’t know how many members they have. [Liz] I don’t know. [Cheryl] You can attend once or twice before becoming a member. [Liz] We have booked up for September and we are still not members. [Cheryl] Yes true. [Liz] We liked it that much we are coming back. [Cheryl] We are going back… [Liz] And then they had a speaker. There wasn’t wine at lunch. [Cheryl] There was wine. ‘Giggles’ Lots of wine actually. [Liz] I didn’t drink that much as I had to rush off. [Cheryl] Whatever… Shhhh!!! I’ll knock you off the block! [Liz] She’s put me on a block! The speaker was amazing! [Cheryl] The speaker was really good! [Liz] Barnaby. [Cheryl] Barnaby Winter. Hi Barnaby. [Liz] Hi Barnaby. He was brilliant. All about branding. [Cheryl] Marketing. Branding. Well yeah both same thing. [Liz] Marketing. Branding. I don’t know I’m a payroll girl. [Cheryl] He was very good though. [Liz] He was amazing. Then…. [Cheryl] And the food! I am sorry we have to talk about the food! Was so good. I was meant to be going for dinner that evening. Which I did. I just thought oh I will just eat a little bit. It was a three course meal. [Liz] She ate the lot. [Cheryl] Even dessert. [Liz] I only had a spoonful. [Cheryl] I saw! I looked over I was like, bloody Liz she’s so good. She always makes me feel bad about my food choices. Anyway the food was tiptop. [Liz] Tiptop. [Cheryl] I wanna become a member. [Liz] Yeah so do I. The people were great. And I’ve had 3 people get in touch with me since. [Cheryl] Yeah I have just had a little LinkedIn request. [Liz] Yup, I reckon its the same person who has just LinkedIn with me as well. [Cheryl] She always has to go for one better! [Liz] So we would both go back. First meeting, great stuff. I think they have it spot on. [Cheryl] Can it be improved? [Liz] No, that’s what I mean I don’t think it can be. [Cheryl] No I really enjoyed it. [Liz] And the networking quality was great. [Cheryl] All about the people. [Liz] All about the people. Like mined. Yesterday I spoke to 2 people from there. [Cheryl] Did you? [Liz] Yeah, yeah! [Cheryl] So she’s been Liz. [Liz] She’s been Cheryl. [Both] Giggles And join us next time. On, Work The Room!

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