Working at Rail Projects Victoria

[Karoline] What I find amazing about working
at Rail Projects Victoria is that everyone has a common goal, and they share that same
goal. [Ian] What motivates me on a daily basis is
the fact that we’re developing something that will serve Melburnians and Victorians for
decades to come. [Katie] The most enjoyable part I’ve found
is being genuinely excited to go to work each day, knowing that every day is different but
very productive and busy. [Damian] Being able to attract some of Australia’s
leading professionals, that have the ability to deliver these complex rail projects. I’m working with some exceptional people,
it’s a learning journey that we’re all on. [Conor] We’re working to bring benefits to
all of Victoria, the Regional Rail Revival program is going to upgrade every rail line
in the state and that means we’re bringing benefits to rail passengers all across Victoria,
and we’ve seen some of the benefits being delivered already. It’s great to see regional Victorians benefitting
from the work we’re doing. [Karoline] It’s been quite exciting to see
what you are actually working on being developed, constructed and finished and I think that’s
the key difference. [Jordyn] Everyone is really open and inclusive,
you can go up and talk to anyone and they’re happy to help you. [Ian] We really put great emphasis on people
being happy and getting the most out of them in the workplace. [Katie] Being in my position it can be quite
overwhelming working and studying full-time, but it’s been very refreshing going to work
knowing that they’ll support me in my studies as well. [Conor] I think it’s a great place to work
because there is a definite commitment to the people who work here, to help them develop
in their careers and further their careers here at RPV. [Karoline] What I enjoy most is enabling my
team to succeed, giving them that support and enabling their success is really what
I enjoy. [Damian] I also really enjoy working with
the team to navigate extremely complex problems that seem to arise in these major projects. There’s probably not a day that goes past
that I don’t learn something. [Katie] Rail Projects Victoria is expanding
so rapidly and there’s so many different projects they’re looking after. [Jordyn] When I come into work, I can see
everything they’re doing on the Regional Rail Revival and you see all the changes every
day in the new infrastructure coming up. [Karoline] The role is quite varied and it
keeps you motivated, I think it’s what gets us out of bed every day to come in and
see what’s waiting for us. [Jordyn] What I have gained at RPV is the
confidence to know that this is what I want to be doing in the future and this is where
I want to be. [Announcer] For more information, head to
the Rail Projects Victoria website, and find out how you can become part of the team.

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