WPX Hosting Customer Testimonial by John Rivenburgh

I have a new product, so I put it on a new website but I wanted the website to load blazingly fast. I wanted it to be 1.5 seconds just like how Google just comes up in an instant, that’s how I wanted my website to be. I have a ton of web hosts. I have had Hostgator, Hostmonster, Dreamhost, Lunarpages I’ve had DowntownHost, I have Namecheap but for this Namecheap wasn’t going to do it because I wanted a blazing fast web host. I wanted my sites to load really quickly, so that’s what I was looking for recently. It is so hard to actually find a web host you can use, because you see a lot of back-and-forth on it and then not only that the affiliate sites are worthless, because you know any site that’s out there dedicated to promoting affiliate offers, you can never trust them. So, I was out there looking and ultimately I turned to Facebook and I’m in a Facebook group of internet marketers and I just asked like ‘What do you guys recommend?’ and I saw some of the usual suspects and then one guy recommended WPX Hosting. So, I checked out WPX Hosting and one of the cool things right away I saw was that they have a lot of their client sites listed. So, I started go on their clients` websites and they were loading really fast, like super fast, just like they come up right away and so that’s what I was looking for. That’s as simple as that. With WPX Hosting you can get five websites for $25/ month, fifteen for $50/ month or
thirty-five for $100/month and I thought that was a fair price if you lock in the annual plan, or you lock in even a two-year plan you can get a decent-sized discount on top of that. One thing that I really liked about them was the owner is an internet marketer and he puts his name on the website. When someone puts their name, their individual name on a company and stamps it like that with their personal seal of approval, that means a lot especially when they don’t have a bad reputation. I’m not going to name names but there are some guys they can put their name on it all day and I’ll never buy their stuff ever. But with this guy, I hadn’t heard of him before but he puts his picture up there, he puts his name on there and to me that says a lot right there. I don’t know him from anywhere but to me that says a lot that at least he’s willing to individually stand in front of and behind his product service. So, I’ve had WPX Hosting now for I think it’s at least 10 days probably, in a two weeks category. I’ve contacted their support at least five times and with varying problems and they get back to you really fast, like first of all they’re almost always online via chat. You deal with DreamHost and Hostgator there to get to live chat first of all you have to know your like building passport or something, which I never know. I know my cPanel login but for some reason that’s not enough and then their support is minimally helpful usually. It’s more like they’re just redirecting you to the tutorials, or to actually get to the support technician who can answer it, you’d have to spend ten minutes just waiting around and going through the channels. That is not the case with WPX Hosting and you’ll find this out if you go there and definitely if you get there they’re hosting, but they answer your questions and they’re go above and beyond. I’ve asked some stuff where I didn’t think they would help me and they did. So, I’m really impressed all the way around I didn’t just get this yesterday. I’ve had it for at least 10 days. It doesn’t have cPanel but that doesn’t matter it’s all intuitive. If you go in there it’s easy, it’s not complicated. You can install an SSL certificate with just a click, so it’s super easy to install an SSL. I’m just now reading there there’s 24/7 live
chat 365 days a year. That’s really impressive if they do hold that throughout and it seems like they do. This web hosting does really deliver. I think it’s worth every dollar, it’s such a good value because when you get out of the Hostgator nickel-and-dime you know ‘We will start you for three years for $50’ or whatever, when you get out of that racket and you get into just like I want this to work and when I have a problem I want to build the contact support and then actually get a real answer where they’re actually legitimately trying to help me and not just pacify me or placate me and put me off and then I end up having to like figure it out for myself, this support, this live chat and then if you open a support ticket, they really do help you and they get back to you ASAP. that’s not just something they say, they don’t even say that, but they really do get back to you really fast. This morning I submitted a support ticket to become an affiliate and they got back to me within, I mean it was minutes after. It couldn’t have been even 30 minutes and that’s just an example of what they did. I will recommend it even if I wasn’t affiliate. The most important thing here was blazing fast speed. They delivered on that and then they backed it up with a fair price. I think it’s more than fair, they could charge a little bit more but I think the price is very fair and I think the support is the best support from a web host I’ve ever seen by far. Like not even close. They’re not just rerouting you to support tickets, they’re not trying to hide their support. DreamHost for example hides their support. It’s like you have to sift through a jungle of pages and links and to find whether the live support link is buried and I think the same thing with Hostgator. Those guys are all playing games, they’re playing the volume games, so, they can’t possibly give you the personal touch, the actual real support. WPX Hosting actually helps with your problem. That is why I am so highly recommending them. If anything changes, I will put it in the description but I’m just telling you that this web host is legit and I will be using them for the foreseeable future. I don’t plan on ever leaving these guys. It’s well worth my money to know that my websites one, load fast and two, if I need something I could just go on their website in this live chat it’s like instachat. So, that’s how it’s been and I’m just so impressed because compared with other web hosting companies they don’t do this, it just doesn’t happen. So, even if you’re a beginner and you just want to put up a website $24,99 to have a website with these guys is well worth it, so worth it, you’re not going to find the support anywhere else and yes, I just signed up for their affiliate program today but I would be this emphatic even if I wasn’t an affiliate there. If they didn’t have an affiliate program I was still going to put this out because it’s so good and I think it needs to be known because people are looking for good hosting that’s legit and that actually backs up what it says. They even have a refund policy. I think it’s 30 days. If you don’t like it they will refund your money. There is nothing to lose here. I really like WPX Hosting I highly recommend them. If I refer you I would greatly appreciate it of course, if you go through my affiliate link. Even if you don’t, try these guys out. They are legit, everything works really well.

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